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Pur Fiji - The beach house - Massage and bodywork Pur Fiji is a line of bathing and personal care products created 10 years ago. Mystery of Pure Fiji is a well-balanced mix of Virgin Coconut, Dilo, Sikeci and Macadamia fuel oils: there is no replacement for millennia of trying, no bigger laboratory than living rain forests and beaches of sand under the desert ocean sea!

Maintain this civilization, conserve the country and the traditions of living that have flourished in the woods and seas for thousands of years. It is a way of living and a lasting commercial practise driven by one of the most singular physical personal hygiene formulas in the world: these biological oil is cold-pressed at its origin, using original techniques that Pure Fiji has develloped.

It is a rich mixture of vitamins A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, A, B and E and other nutrients for healthy skin. Only Fiji products/protocols are used in our Signatures procedures! Every single item is made in Fiji and supports the country's economies by using native produce from the island. A number of towns are involved in the provision of commodities and the manufacture of handmade wares.

Exclusively My Fiji Island Event

This is a happy haven for our esteemed visitors! Celebrate the best Fiji has to offer. Fiji has a lot to offer. Fiji. Sip sunbathing on the unspoilt virgin beaches, snorkeling or diving into living cliffs, eating, drinking and enjoying genuine culture entertainmen. You can say that you belong to an elitist group of people, all food, beers, wines, refreshments, activities, fun and transfer are onboard.

The Fiji holiday should be all about relaxing - the holiday on the Isle should determine the speed, the timetables should go out of the windows and every minute should be full of absolute tropic cool. How do you do that when you work with a fixed amount of work? Half Day Iceland Chill Tours are the solution to all your chills!

Drive to a subtropical haven, enjoy the uniqueness of Fiji civilization, try aquatic arts, snorkeling and much more. Remember the sea as far as the eyes can see, untouched beaches and luxuriant green. In addition to a fistful of entertainment, snorkeling, water sport and a hot Fiji smile, you will have half a days cold weather!

An unbelievable brief but cute trip takes place on the breathtaking Robinson Crusoe Isle. 30 minutes off the Viti Levu coastline, halfway between Denarau and the coral coastline, this is the ideal, comfortable place to go for an Fiji tourist holiday. Go on a jungle cruise early in the day and get there on schedule at 9am for a cup of a cup of freshly brewed breakfast cereal.

You are free to spend your free day on Robinson Crusoe Island. Discover living under or above the sea floor and get to know the Fiji underwater world - an unforgettable one. You will be home on schedule for the afternoons at your resorts, the happily hours or the important siesta!

Half-days Iceland chill trips take place every morning. They' re great if you have little to spare or just too many things to do. Please note: The trip is carried out every single workingday. A number of outdoor and indoor events on the islands depend on the conditions.

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