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She is a lady who has contemporary concepts of ardor. Though her friend, Dick Ives II, and his dad, Dick Sr., try to get Anne to marry, she defies her argument. Anne as well as Dick have even earlier romantical involvements in the work. Though she still likes Dick, True acknowledges, and they speak; he says she will find someone who likes her as much as he does Anne.

She and Dick meet up well into the dark and go away for a while without getting remarried. But after the message is gone for a week-end, Dick Anne pushes, and finally she breaks in to prevent a disgrace. As the message becomes known to the general population, Anne gets a cable from her ex-boyfriend Pricebaines about his desire to be there.

She doesn't want Anne to see him, but she does anyway. Pric tries to convince Anne not to get marrie, tell her that he still loves her and warn her that she will be miserable if she gets marrie, but she has already decided.

She is marrying Dick, and they begin to act like a common marriage that meets society's expectation of participation in meetings and visits. Finally Anne Dick says they have to part for a while. However, when Price Baines comes back into the frame, Dick bears a grudge and becomes interested in Margie True, who says that she still loves him.

Prize Baines where Anne aggressive. In the end, however, the split between Dick and Anne makes it clear that despite the associated cost there is no substitute for each other. Ives Sr. Claude Gillingwater als Ives "When Love Comes in the Moonlight" (aus dem Warner Bros. muscial Oh Sailor Behave).

"It' s Love" sung by James Rennie and Barbara Stanwyck (from the Warner Bros. Musical Maybe It's Love). "for the Lovelight in the Dark" im Radi ophonie (aus dem Warner Bros. musical Top Speed). "was on the air (from the Warner Bros. movie Son of the Gods).

"The Warner Bros. Musicical On with the Show" (aus dem Warner Bros. Musical On with the Show).

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