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Suva is located on the southeast coast of the largest island, Viti Levu ("Great Fiji"). The second and third largest islands of Fiji, Vanua Levu and Taveuni, and dozens of smaller outer islands are commonly referred to as Fiji's "North". It is necessary to visit the beautiful Mamanuca & Yasawa Islands of Fiji.

Thirty Years Entertainment & Attractions | Treasure Island Resort Fiji

The Fiji is a beehive of fun. There is a ton of water-based activity for our visitors and many adventure ashore. An isolated and very intimate place, it is the only place to be! This way you can be sure that you will find a quiet area on your own, even when the resource is fully utilized.

If you fancy a good laugh, on the other side you should look at the resort's boards for a complete list of available day-to-day activity. Dine in the typical Asian Filipino way in one of our many restaurants. From 5 pm to 6 pm during the happily hours, get saddled up to the notorious Takai Bar and treat yourself to a delicious Tropic Drink or a fresh Fiji beers.

The guest is sure to find a culinary treat to the meal of his choice. Experience Fiji dance traditions and watch energy-packed fire whirling on the sands. Kids and grown-ups enjoy the excitement and strength of an genuine Fiji fighter attire. The Treasure Island Resort Fiji honors our rich Fiji legacy not only through lively shows, but also through story telling, handicrafts, local food and culture as well.

In the truest sense of the word, our Premium Strandfront Beachfronts are that - Beachfronts! These Boers are so near the waterfront that you can enjoy watching the kids playing, swimming and snorkelling. As part of a nearby sea reserve, visitors are always amazed by the variety of sea creatures right on the doorstep.

Snorkeling and diving trips are offered several days a week and can be arranged during the diving stop. A must for a stay on Treasure Island. Experience live with an unforgettable bird's perspective of the breathtaking Mamanuca Islands! Notice: At least 2 x guest and max. 4 x guest per vessel.

It is available free of cost to the visitors of the reserve and is illuminated at nights for those who want to gamble in the evenings. The Treasure Island Estate has a three-level inflinity-poo. It is the ideal place for visitors to get away to vacation time. It is remarkable that all our Fiji based product are made with sea and plant biological extract.

Click here for specific prices and information on catering packages. There are 68 recently refurbished 4-star resorts, so you're sure to find a room and a price to your liking. The Treasure Island Fiji was opened in 1972 and has retained its iconic title as an award-winning tourist area. We are proud to be a real piece of Fijian paradise.

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