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Accessible volunteering in Fiji ventures The Fiji is an island of 330 tropic islets. However, Fiji is one of the most advanced Pacific countries, chronically low levels of investments and underemployment hinder sustained and fair trade in Fiji. Over 250,000 Fijian residents are living in destitution and many other Fijian citizens are living on or just above the dole.

Effective healthcare, educational, work and other welfare benefits are unbelievably challenging in Fiji. There are great differences between the workers' unions of Fiji and the multinational tourist centres, which make up about 25% of Fiji's gross internal productivity. Unfortunately, much of the money made in this industry does not go to community.

The IVI has a well-established programme in Fiji, developed by Fijians with a deep appreciation of the needs of the area. There are a wide range of qualified and unqualified volunteer opportunities for anyone who wants to be like a native far away from the fashionable, monotone touristic places. Most of our host families are in Lautoka and Nadi and the nearby towns.

They will spend quality working classes where the real needs are. We have our default rankings in both Suva and the Pacific Port. Suva, Fiji's biggest town, is situated on the south-east shore of the Viti Levu archipelago and is a seaport on a peninsular that extends into the ocean.

Fiji is not as touristic as the Nadi area as a trading centre and therefore one can see the genuine Fiji way of life. Approximately 1h from Suva, Pacific Harbour is known as the adventurous city of Fiji with a wonderful coastline and many outdoor pursuits such as 4-wheel trips, sharks feed, windsurfing, rivers and falls, gulf etc. and is home to the famed beach of Laguna and Fire Walker.

You can find our spezialty places in the port of Suva & Pacific as well as on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Isle of Avalau. Accomodation and meals are provided for the volunteers' programme. IVI's Fiji internships are divided into 2 different categories, namely Home Stays or Internships. Like a Fiji native, enjoy life.

You will have your own singleroom or doubleroom with another voluntary in secluded, tidy and secure houses in the west part. There is a place to keep your own things, a separate bath and WC (if possible - not all positions contain this), a ventilator and a separate bed or a lady if you want to have one.

Usually, the web is not covered when most of your friends buy a 3G temp scheme for their own equipment. Meal is provided every single working days at your home or on the site and usually consists of If you want, you can volunteer to eat your own egg. Noon - Lunch - A volunteer prepares their own sandwiches.

Accomodation is in a separate home for campers with dormitories for 3-6 people per room (single room) and en-suite bathrooms per room. It is a lot of laughs to live with other students in a hostel and a great way to get to know like-minded people. Voluntary homes are located in the immediate vicinity of super markets, ATMs, stalls for fruits and vegetables, gas and coach stops.

Up to 20 people can be accommodated in the shelters. Accomodation is provided with free Wi-Fi, which can be used by our team. It is recommended that our voluntary workers take their own towels. If you are a couple or looking for more intimacy, there is a possibility of booking rooms in the voluntary home for an extra 140 US$ per wk, depending on available for you.

In the volunteers' home, food is provided three days a week, breakfasts and dinners on workdays only. Filtrated waters are also available at the volunteers centre. In Fiji, bottling is available. In case you have specific nutritional needs, please let us know when registering so that we can make provisions for you.

During the entire assignment in Fiji you will be supported and looked after by our committed IVI Fiji managers, regional soil managers and homestay homes. You will receive expert help and in-depth information about Fiji. Fijians have a keen feeling for their own cultures and traditions and a sophisticated feeling of honour.

People are not always used to the slower working speed (they call it "Fiji time"). Host family stays include a basic but efficient guidance that involves a visit to the surroundings and an overall view of the projects as well as all necessary permissions, papers and logistical requirements. Most of the times you will have 1 to 2 working day to make your way into the cultural world easier and to get used to your new environment before you start the work.

Internships at the Internship Center include a week-long orientation to familiarize you with Fiji people. Starting on the first Monday mornings of your volunteers programme, it will include an introductory course on Fiji, cultural and folklore activities, cultural and cultural activities, cultural trips, cookery and arts, regulations and expectation, security, introduction to your volunteers programme and location.

Notice that this weeks are part of your overall programme time. Homestay arrangements include travel to and from the Nadi / Lautoka areas at the expense of your volunteers programme to collect Nadi. Transport to/from the host familiy to the internship is usually your job, but your host familiy will help you and make sure that you get your own fees for all of them.

Between 5 and 30 minutes each way for a small charge (about $2 p/day). Volunteering includes transfers from Nadi to Sigatoka only for Sunday pick-up. The journey between Nadi and Suva takes about 3-4h. The journey to the project and other locations is by means of mass transit.

When you come on your own, don't be worried that you will see many like-minded people! Every months IVI send about 20-50 voluntary workers to Fiji. Usually the volunteer must be 18 years old, but we can be as young as 16 if used. It' important that the volunteer realizes that things are changing very quickly and without much announcement due to the fiji cultural (and developing) natures.

For this reason, it is very important for the volunteer to be agile and adaptive. Nadi & Lautoka offers a multitude of opportunities for volunteer activities, with Nadi being the most important tourism center for Fiji and the Illesia. Sigatoka weekend campers can explore the Suva, visit Colo-I-Suva or Mosquito Island and browse the crafts and market in downtown Suva.

Several of our former contributors have collected over $2000+!

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