Mount Cook Village

Mt Cook Village

Mount Cook Village lies in the shadow of New Zealand's highest mountain, other sky-high peaks, glaciers and a starry sky. The Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes, so much so that it is a World Heritage Site. Guide to Mount Cook Village in New Zealand, one of New Zealand's best adventure cities, including activities at Mt Cook Village, hiking, Müller Hut and more.

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Aoraki/Mount Cook, often known as Mount Cook Village, is situated in New Zealand's Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park at the end of State Highway 80, only 15 kilometers southern of the highest peak in the southern Alps, also known as Aoraki/Mount Cook.

As it is within a national park, it is not possible to own ownership in Mount Cook Village, but due to the year-round operations of the hotels and the motels, the village has a small standing resident community of about 250 people. 2. All premises and equipment are operated on the basis of federal grants and lease agreements.

There are no groceries in the village except a small in-hotel convenient shop. Next shopping centre is 65 km away in Twizel, the next city. Behind the resort there is a self-service dispenser, but the cost of fuels represents the remoteness of the area. The Mount Cook Village provides a constant stream of around 250,000 people a year [2] with a broad array of amenities and shelter.

The Hermitage [4], an internationally styled hostel whose name derives from the 1884 construction of the former hostel, is the village's only distinctive large edifice and a favourite destination, especially for foreigners. Hermitage is sometimes used as an alternate name for the village. We also own and operate a chalet and hostel with facilities that range from backpackers to families.

The village has two more hotels and a further four bars and bars, two of which are within the chain. Prefabricated walkways connect the building and Moteleinheiten. White Horse Hill is a small campsite situated about 2 km outside the village and is linked by a hiking trail.

They are located at the guesthouse, leave and return to the front door of the guesthouse. From Mount Cook Village you can explore a range of close by hikes and ascents, from 10-minute bushwalks to multi-day trails and itineraries. Mount Cook Village's first structure was the second Hermitage in 1913 and opened in 1914, but it burnt down in 1957 and was superseded in 1958 by what later became the Hermitage to be.

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