Large Wooden Statues

Big wooden statues

Big antique gold effect deer head wall trophy. Big wooden statue This is a very beautiful old wooden sculpture of Shou Lao! 75" large 4. Though it' big, it' easy. Handcrafted BIG wooden sculpture Shou-Lao (Shou-Xing) Taoist Stellar goddess of longevity Energetic upplifting expression than purchased in Taipei Taiwan, 1967 Ru-Yi Sceptre and.


Large antique wooden sculpture from China. Beautiful old sculpture. Very interesting, tough sculpture. Beautifully looking massive wooden sculpture "Happy Hotei-Buddha". Sitting Buddha is about 13" and 6. Naked Mrs. Chalkware sculpture. estates paperers describe as " large antique china ceramic buddhist kwan-yin status on oak panel".

I' LL LOOK FOR..... A large and rare Ming Dynasty ceramic statue with wooden stand, lamp. Ancient Vintage Chinesisch Large heavy handcarved wooden statue of Buddha 12'' Very Detail! Hand carved Antique Red Wood wood carved Indian Fisherman Large statue 18" Doing that is against U.S. and inters. American Law.

Big old carving FU GUARDIAN LION - KOMAINU or SHISHI - FOO Dogs. FOO or FU is derived from the words for Buddha and prosperity in China! One of the most beautiful big old wooden lionhounds / Fu-dog statues was made from a big massive pieces.....

12 " Large, heavy, hand-carved, amusing Buddha art sculpture made of wooden. Give you or a beloved person luck and marvelous blessing with this hand-carved wooden Buddha-sculpture. Big 12" large Chinesease antique wooden Volksmann handmade wooden sculpture. A very nice wooden woodcarving. Big wooden turtle sculpture H and cut.

An enchanting turtle handmade from Buzarood, which perfectly accentuates the colour and sheen of its shell. - Solid, massive, heavy chunk, hand-carved from..... 20" Large, massive, crawling dragon statue H and sculpted, which elevates the fabulous being in all its splendour on a passionate step.

  • A highly detailled work of art & hand-carved from Buzarholz. These breathtaking Buddha statues are handcarved from Buzarholz. - Realistic work of art & handcarved from Buzarholz. - This solid, massive wooden object has a total mass of. - During the manual post-processing it can be..... The former owners said to me that when the shrine was demolished, these statues were rescued and not damaged or burnt.

These statues are large and realistically engraved. The size of this article is approx. 13" and approx. 17" long. Great Haitian hand engraved wooden cock hen folk craft handcrafted 25.

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