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The archipelago of 332 vulcanic islands stretches along the South Pacific and forms the Fiji Islands. It has coconut orchards, luxuriant rain forests and smooth sandy areas, all in a secure and pleasant area. View our $1 Starting Bid Travel Auctions for Fiji Islands Travel and Holiday Packages...or buy now with our Best Price Guarantee!

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Homes & Apartments in Fiji

"Awesome place! This is the most astonishing villa in Fiji on the most gorgeous sandbeaches! "I' m not sure what we did more of, yell Bula from the autowindow, gaze at the nice views from your balkony or take accidental guys by the roadside and picked them up:)

I was here with my two kids, 7 and 11 years old, "Amazing place and incredible hosts". They are astonishing and have abandoned us while we live on the street to do our own thing - but they have also been available for ours.

It is known as a picturesque heaven. Fiji's stunning coastline, stunning sea and mountains are unbeatable. Adventurous hikers can take part in a variety of recreational and leisure pursuits such as walking, cycling, scuba-dive, snorkelling, and more. Fiji offers many opportunities for food, drink, food, shopping and fun for those who love art and cultur.

Fiji surfing is just amazing and many travellers who want to see the link here find that Fiji Gulf is one of the best in the game. In Fiji you will find something for every traveller. This is why it is becoming more and more common to get married in Fiji or go on a nuptial trip.

It' s scenic setting and stunning highland view are well deserved. The houses are made of straw and straw in the typical islandstyle. You can also celebrate a time-honoured tradition of yeqona. The Yasawa Islands: It is a great area to spend your time on the beaches.

The area has many great places to rest and unwind, as well as a range of local yachts and katamarans that travellers can hire for an afternoons. You can go on a motorised boat or a classic wooden boat. Nano-Nu-i-ra Island: Located off the north shore of Viti Levu, this small islet offers some of the best protected sandy shores full of underwater life.

Among all the lovely Fiji coastline, there is also a lot of story to discover. Taveuni's northerly rain forest is an excellent view and a magnificent scenery with a breathtaking mountains. An apartment in Fiji is as memorable as you can imagin.

There is nothing better than to feel at home in this picturesque piece of paradise!

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