Niihau Snorkel Tour

Snorkel Tour Niihau

Then, when you are done, drive to Niihau Island and visit Lehua. Nice, nice snorkeling over there. A caring crew will help you snorkel and relax and introduce you to the world of water. A Molokini snorkelling tour while on Maui or the Hula Kai snorkelling tour in Kona is recommended. The communication with the marine life takes place through a snorkeling hour.

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Well, we did this tour a few years ago during Thanksgiving weekend. As" Mammadodds" say, they try to make sure you have a great time, and the team is very optimistic. While we were on the tour, the skipper of the ship was playing a little with trying to find an anchorage near Ni'ihau himself, and sent one of the shipwreck' s staff into the sea to try to find the anchorage, just to find out that he was no longer there..... sure, yes, right, that's the one?

Anyway, we went to Lehua Rocks, moored without problems and snorkeled --- as you approach the rocks you see more and more fishing, waves underwater, seal, and we won the lottery on our tour when a huge Manta Ray chose to perform a great aerial danse.

It is a great snorkelling adventure that you normally can't do. After snorkelling in Lehua you are no longer nourished in restaurants but after a work-out in the sea you are well catered for. They' re circling Lehua and then they' re going to NaPali. The" NaPali" part is a little on the" light" side, because you can't really discover anything, but it at least gives a view of the sea of the tragic NaPali coast.

You will stop off the shore and ask if anyone wants to snorkel. The only thing the crews went in when we were there, because the remainder of us were a little sleepy from the first place and had been eating. So we just drove a little along the NaPali coastline, then we began with enthusiasm at the beginning of Polihale Beach.... very cold to see from the sea, just like the Pacific Missile Range and all the catch!

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