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# Go Fiji go

This act must be preceded by the existence of a perfectly happy marriage, which shows no signs of weakness until the moment you do "Fiji", or if you have little time, the journey by plane is the right path. The Flying Fijians, carry your men with you. The Fiji Rugby Union President, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, is pushing everyone to show their solidarity with the Fijians by preparing in the morning of Friday and Saturday in Weiß for the fight against the current Rugby World Champion South Africa in Wellington. It' s about strengthening the moral of the team as it prepares for its greatest test in so many games.

"The Flying Fijians need our help against South Africa this Saturday and I call on all supporters of the international team to carry whites to help the boys," he said. After a 49-25 victory over Namibia, Samu Domoni's side will take the Rugby game to the top by assault against the Springboks, who have made six changes to the team that left Wales 17-16 behind.

"The Flying Fijians need our help - 100 percent on Saturday, and that is the most important goal," said Colonel Tikoitoga. And he said it will be worth it for the international side because they know they can defeat any side in the whole country on their outing. "This is the best opportunity to draw the world's eye to us and show that we are not overwhelmed," he added.

Flying Fijians will play South Africa in their second game in the Pool of Déath on Saturday at 6 pm in Wellington.

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