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Pacific Port Zip Line You will be in the skies for almost 2 km before you land back on the Bure and finish your adventurers. It works in all weathers except lightening, strong wind or particularly strong rains. Usually we only postpone for a brief period of patience before the situation improves, but if we are not able to complete the trip within a suitable period of timeframe, we will postpone it to a later date.

Remember that the route lies in a rain forest and therefore a little'liquid sunshine' is to be anticipated, but we do not allow it to damp your enjoyment! For the easiest, most comfortable and cost-effective way to Zip Line Pacific Harbour Experience, our all-inclusive pack offers zip line adventures, round trips and easy pick-me-up.

Booking your Fiji Zipline Adventure now:

Locate holiday homes and apartments in Pacific Harbour, Fiji

Travelers to Pacific Harbour are now making reservations for August. Get your apartment today and have the best journey. A neat mansion with lots of room. You will find our mansion in the wonderful Pacific port. It' s ideally situated near everything. The 55 is roomy and offers lots of room for everyone.

Doing this is a challenging verification, as the space itself is superb, 4 large double rooms, large open plan lounge, a fully fitted galley and a large en-suite swimming pool. 2 of the rooms are fully furnished. It' s only a few walking steps away from a nice, palm-fringed sands. See the bottom of the page for more information about the site and the Pacific Port.

And the mansion..... It has a 360 degrees porch, the backside overlooks a beautiful swimming pools. It is very friendly to families with a..... Roomy, good swimming pools, we rented a nice but not really needed. Good cuisine and it was Wi-Fi and probably more spending there as it was so nice just to be there instead of.....

There are 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. It' s only a few walking distance from a wonderful palm-fringed sandy beaches and 3 resort..... When you want to see the true Fiji in all its splendour, then make a booking..... I felt more like home than a vacation home. It'?s all right, but it'?s near everything.

The hotel is beautifully placed in the Pacific Harbour area, 5 minute walking distance from one of Fiji's top resorts with another stunning sandy area. The three-bedroom mansion is just a few walking distance from kilometers of sandy whitewashed sandy shores and the Pacific Harbour Laguna. Near The Arts Village, restaurants, grocery store and a bank.

Our beautiful and generous swimming pools are shared with the..... After spending a whole weekend in this mansion in September, we had the most amazing work. It was a great swimming area for both our children and we even went angling from the bridge. It was a large and tidy mansion. It was a beautiful backyard, as was the swimmingpool.

The proximity to Pacific Harbor was a bonuses. From December 14, 2016 to January 7, 2017 (25 days) I was alone in this mansion. Recreation, relaxing & recharging at the Pacific Harbour mansion. Enjoy the sundown by your own swimming pools. When tranquillity and recreation is your thing, you' re in for a relaxing holiday at the Pacific Harbour family.

Soak up the atmosphere of a fully equipped mansion all to yourself, away from the bustle..... Located within 40 kilometers of Pacific Harbour are the following rental properties. Maui Bay's newest and unique luxurious vacation home is Fijian Star. You' ll have a flawless swimmingpool with a great maid on it. When you are looking for a great vacation, you have found the ideal place.

Her own exclusivity and completely luxurious vacation home recreation.

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