Vanuatu in January

January in Vanuatu

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Article about Lopevi (Vanuatu). The activities covered by this progress review are January 2015-December 2017. On the basis of a flight plan and webcams, the Wellington VAAC reports that a short-lived vapour and natural gas trail, which began on 13 January 2017 at 0500, did not reach a height of more than 3 km and propelled SE.

On the same date, VGO announced that the Volcanic Alert Levels (VAL) had been increased to 3 (on a 0-5 scale); it was reduced to 2 on 17 January and 1 on 20 February. Observational flight on 30 September and in the first weeks of October showed that the activities took place only in the live cratters below the peak pit (Figure 24).

Fig. 24: Aerial photo of the Lopevi region's current cones on October 3, 2017. Lopevi, a small conic volcanic archipelago, 7 km in width and known as Vanei Vollohulu, is one of Vanuatu's most activity area. In the northwest direction, a small peak craters with a small rock face is broken through and overhangs an older one. It is surrounded by the rest of a bigger craters.

The Vanuatu Geohazards Observatory (VGO), Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources of Vanuatu (URL :, ; Wellington Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC), Meteorological Service of New Zealand Ltd (MetService), PO Box 722, Wellington, Neuseeland (URL :,

non-vanuatu related trip information and advice, january 2018

we have just been in Vanuatu for five week, mostly off the well-trodden paths, and wanted to provide some up-to-date first-hand information and tips for travelers from 2017 to 2018. I am writing this text on the telephone to write it while it is still intact so that a correct format and some images will be followed later. ý on-line resources: good earth's vanuatu walkingabout ("island walkabout") at positveearth.

The site is a little out of date, so the price has risen from 2500 to 3000 p.p. for example for standard accommodations in the banking provinces, but in many cases some of them are listed that do not have other ressources, in detail.

Antz has a cash-out limit of 44,000 volts per operation and calculates 800 volts per operation in addition to the fee charged by your house banks. We have found ATM machines in ports of Villa and Lucanville and at the airport of these cities.

Accomodation: Rooms are very neat, have private bathrooms, sleeping up to three (1 twin and 1 twin bed) and have a fitted kitchen.

Includes 7000 vatus per dives and all equipment for rent. Transport: a cab (anytime, waterhole stop options, see below) was 6000 for the journey. waterhole stops: 500 vatus per person (riri x waterhole ) was very well. good ropeswing on the right far right. nana x navy and very clear (1000 vatus per person) was beautiful and dark green. get a snaorkel!

Accomodation: en-suite chalets (toilet inside, outside in an enclosed area with passion fruit around you) with electric cooker and rural cooker. electric power from about sundown to ~23:00.

Buffet breakfasts were in your bungalows in the mornings, so we can have breakfasts every time we get up. Food: small paradise place next to it is connected and provides a reduction on some dishes, incl. crawfish (2500 instead of 3500 Vatu), lobsters (2500 instead of 4000 Vatu), curried hens (500 instead of 1200 Vatu). it is possible to divide the crawfish and lobsters between two.

there is a co-op store in the town offering snack, home-made cumala crisps and other basic items. Transport: Accommodation: nice cottages, shared tubs. 1. sunlight all days, telephone recharge in the restaurants. free (but slooooow) Wi-Fi. 1500-2000 dinners, 500 lunches (kumara chips). Order your early supper - once we have 1.

Buffet breakfasts were pancake and fruits. Activities: Champaign beaches - nice sandy beaches. 2000 per person, 500 p.p. entrance fee from Lonnocc or free for visitors of Towoc cabins. accommodation: spacious cabins near the beaches, good meals. sarah also offered to do some washing for us (no surcharge). telephones can be paid in the owner's cabins.

lumerous is about 30 minutes on foot from the airfield (follow the only street, drive ahead ), cheerful local people provided us with a ski elevator at the back of their trucks, two other accommodations are also in Sola: ULLKEL GUEST HOUSE (tel. 5693858) and Seinea BALLOWS (tel. 5693858).

boatcharter to Iaingetak ( (45 minutes) seemed a little precipitous at 8000 patu, but we were reading that propellant in the north was expensive. erbert tried to force us softly to a fish/snorkel tour, but it was quite evident that it was to be paid for the additional gasoline. otherwise we really enjoy our sojourn and the host' friendliness. accommodation:

The bungalows were overcrowded with flower, mostly made of locally made material (e.g. huge shell as sink). there is a west styled bathroom and en-suite and LED light. It is possible to recharge in the cuisine. It is an astonishing chef and we used to love every food.

Please reserve in advance - we were spoiled with the best welcome chorus, choreographies, flower arrangements and more Transportation: the transfers to the airfield were 1500 p.p. for four persons (6000 per trip) there are only three work cars on the island, so you may have to get up early when the major journey is already full.

activity: the rah cliffs offer an overview of the whole isle plus surrounding area. in good weather you can see as far as urparapara and the riff-isles. ýecil took us for free what was beautiful. ý snorkelling was best in the western part of the isle, where the cliff rack falls off, just behind the big cliff with the cocco nut palm trees. ý we had to get the boss's permit to go snorkelling in the protected area.

don't assume that everyone in malecula speaks englisch. village seemed to be speaking either france or german, never both. see below for further information. accommodation: ok room, but the bath could have been clean ( (limestone formed on the showerhead and the tap). there is 24 hours of current and flowing waters. in the vicinity of the flight station - from the arriving area turn to your right onto the street. the largest city of the isle is very small.

there is a small square, one or two big (but half empty) shops, an airport vanuatu bureau, a local restaurants. we even saw a GNP machine at the northern end of the city, but did not test whether it accepted foreign tickets. food: the only place we could find was in the northern part of the city, just down the road a little bit southern of Vanuatu and its super markets, slightly uphill. dinner was great. network around 300-500 patu, after shop close ~50% (5 p.)

m.) - A sharing lorry was 500 p.p., the brief cruise to the isle was 50 p.p. a lorry charters to Losinwe cove (almost unmet) via the small Namba cove (see below) costs us 6000 volcano. accommodation: it is a cottage with separate two-bed room and two-bed room, tub showers and westerly lavatory (tub flushing) are outward.

snorkelling on the western side of the islands, where the speedboats are kept, was fine with some beautiful places on the shore. Julyette sent her grandfather with us, who was very afraid of sharks and made sure that we never leave what he thought was the safest area. On the way back southwards we went on a small Namba trip to Vala (5000 p. p.) with chestnut dancing, preparing meals, handicraft, sand drawing and more.

transportation: accommodation: two-roomed cottage with a two-bed room, one with three twin cots. outer west-toilet and tub showers. the cottage has a beautiful view over the beautiful gardens and the salt and pepper-black sandy beaches. morning was sandwiched and baked (incl. marmalade) + crisp pineapples. also the evening meal was very beautiful. set up with some great tales about "the old days", among others how his dad took part in the last canibal festival.

Activity: Waterfalls walk - beautiful walk, great waterfalls, and there are more swimming pools outside the waterfalls including pineapples and biscuit snacks. 1,000 p.p. Snorkelling was really beautiful, right on the rock just around the edge, with a beautiful young coral cliff around the edge Transport: a sharing lorry to Lamp or B&B should be about 500pp. as we tried to get to John.

For a lorry to Unova town, and then 9000 Euros exceeded for a charta to go dark sand. from dark sand, a stock of boats (20-30 minutes) to llamap was 100 p.p. or up to 2500 for a charters. Accommodation: àgnes (ph. 7102018, just French) was really friendly and a great help in organizing the transportation to the maskylne.

Guest house has 1 bedroom with 1 bed and 3 singles, a common room and a self-catering cuisine. common bath and WC in west direction. The mains supply did not work when we were there, so it was bucket for us... it is on the right side, between the weather service and the school/mission zone.

We were unable to get to him on our way back to Namibia, so we cannot make any comments on the route Transport: a common vessel from Namibia point is about 700 volts per person, charter 2500th one lorry from Namibia to the dock is 1500 per voyage.

Accomodation: lovely, roomy cottages with veranda over the sea, views of the nature reserve ring te sued and the ambry volcanoes ý separate but separate toilets and (during our visit) pail tub. It was a packet of simple Puna breakfasts, but we got the banana and pineapples when we asked for fruits. sensual (and overall olive, see below) was definitely the least developed place for tourists. While the lodging was quite pleasant, it was very simple in terms of friendliness and cuisine.

in some older guides/travelogues, manual guesthouses (pellongk village, pathrick simeon) and bungalows near the lake and lake lute (lutes village, Philippip among,continued telephone number 7103474) are mentioned as good places to spend the night. Snorkelling - there is an interesting mixture of seaweed and corals in the cove, which starts just behind the solitary mongoose head; The best corals were behind the nature reserve and the cabin and on the lefthand side of the platform where the vessels arrive (about 45-60 min. swim in one direction).

Ringgi te sa seh Nature Reserve (1000 p. p.) - the tour leader somehow did not succeed to show up in 3 day and bring us there without calling off or coming back to us. When we eventually took a look into the signposted area while snorkelling in the vicinity, it did not seem to be very different from the surrounding area and had only a few mussels in the flat sea grass corals mixture.

transportation: mini buses are 150 p.p. to/from airfield and 100 p.p. in the city. a mini bus charters to Blaue Lagune was 6000 van for two, and we listened about 8000 to about 8. Accomodation: Guest house (double room 3500 per night) with small rooms and shared bathroom, but very centric between the market for products and handicrafts. Free Wi-Fi in the rooms. 15 minutes on foot (or mini bus) from the center, but with bigger, more beautiful rooms.

in the rooms free Wi-Fi. Food: la Cuccina Felipino (mains ~1000 vatu) is a small restaurant on the highway, next to the lavabar, and has amazing pig meat and other tasty meals. absolutely taste! boiled meal at the square (mains 500) was also very pleasant (fried seafood is always wonderful).

They can also buy mud crabs on the fair (50 patu per crab) and let them cook (500 for the food). Jill's Café is lauded in the travel guides for the American-style burger (1000-1300 patu), but we were somewhat disappointed with the price. Activities: Blaue Lagune (500 p.)

Accomodation: Double cottage with a double room and another room with unfamiliar equipment, outdoor bathroom with west toilets (bucket flushing) and tub showers, lighting in the cottage, our sojourn in the cottage was a great adventure, the owners of the cottage were on fate, but his whole familiy took good charge of us and Grandma, the children came to join us during the days to playing and singing (they liked my ukulele), the food was tasty and always much too big, and the hostellers made a campfire every night.

Snorkelling was fine right on the shore, but the coral is still recuperating from Hurricane Ram. Better areas were at the northern tip of the islands, and down at the huge mussel garden: go southwards along the shore until the trail leads slightly intoland. entering the ocean and swimming out to the buoys. transport: a boating shuttle between peak and nguna was (i think) about 200 yards. accommodation: several colorful double and double -bedded cottages. ours had a sunbathing place with usb-connection, ideal for loading phone-s.

Beautiful snorkelling right on the shore, better for pele-facing. Accommodation: this is probably the most costly place we have been, but it was very beautiful and we extended our trip to get our open sea-certificates.

to help gather jelly fish and give them to the tortoises and sponsors a tortoise that you can name and free. You can help. Diving around the islands was fantastic, our favorites are the Mozo caverns and Owen's Reds.

If you have any changes, fixes, updates or supplements, please let us know and write us a note!

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