Nuuanu property market offers some great properties along the hills of Pacific Heights and Nuuanu. Aloha HawaiiNuuanu Pali State Park - Aloha Kawaii Nuuanu Pali Viewout is one of the most popular stops for Oahuers. Situated in the Nuuanu Pali State Park, the viewpoint looks over the 985 foot high Koolau-mountain. Passat breezes are blowing through the valleys between the high peaks on both sides, creating a kind of powerful windway.

Nuuanu Pali was the scene of one of the most important fights in Hawaii' ancestry. Kamehameha I. and his armies entered Oahu in 1795 and arrived in an impressive navy of warcans on the beach of Waikiki. Kamehamehama's armies went into the Nuuanu River to face the Kalanikupule people. Slowly Kamehameha's men took a lead and forced Kalanikupule's armies to withdraw further up the hill.

While the Oahuans tried to make a last resistance, Kamehameha's forces were too powerful. Kalanicupules' men were persecuted and forced to their death over the rock. It is said that the triumph was so perfect that not a single Oahu soldier who came to the top of the dale was able to escape from it.

In 1897, an engineer's office was commissioned to construct today's Alte Pali-Straße, a twisting street that led transport over the hills. In the course of the building, the workmen found an estimate of 800 man's heads and other man's bone at the base of the rocks - the centuries-old remnants of the killed Kalanicupule warrior.

Today Nuuanu Pali State Park is open every day from 9.00 to 16.00. Admission is free and there are plenty of free car parks. From Waikiki take the H1 (east), then the Pali Highway, Route 61 via Nuuanu Pali Drive. Continue following the signposts to the viewpoint.

Honolulu, HI

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