Is the threat of Australia's landscape in your head? Australasia Tours The most Australians are living along the coastline, and most of these people are living in towns - 89% of Australians, in fact. As a result, the towns here are a great deal of entertainment. Up Brisbane is a semitropical suburban resort, Adelaide has solemn charm and prom..

. Booming Perth exudes the optimistic Westcoastline, and Canberra presents so many culture gems, while the tropic border village of Darwin and the cool sandy beach resort of Hobart could not be more different.

Australasia is an exceptionally scenic place, full of rainforests (from Far North Queensland to far into southern Tasmania) and in secluded rock formations such as Uluru, Kakadu and the Kimberleys. Nowhere else in the world, a place of the kangaroo and crocodile, the wombat and wallaby, platypuses, crocodile, dingos and much more live in these wonderful places.

Detecting these and Australia's over 700 birds is enough to dig up your inner David Attenborough, even if you didn't know you had one until now. Australasia offers a multi-cultural mix of Western technologies and clean Thai food - also known as'Mod Oz' (Modern Australian). Australia's wine is a global leader: Barossa Valley shiftraz, Hunter Valley semi-lon and tasmani sauce blank.

Margaret River to Cooktown, Jabiru to Dover, the best way to appreciate Australia is to take the highways. Renting a vehicle is relatively cheap, the roads are usually good, and beyond the big city, transport is fading. When you are travelling in a motorhome, you will find well-equipped trailer sites in most major centres.

Australia's central reserves and remote areas are tailor-made for unpaved roads and classical trails from Birdsville to Cape York have made adventures of their own.


The comic''made me feel seen' show Hannah Gadsby's powerful routines of identifying the sexes are very popular with many Australians. A study in Australia shows that petroleum rigs can act as off-shore coral corridors and promote game. Full story Sidney Infanticides'planned by father' What a cargo of crocodiles!

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