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Dive packages can take you to the wonderful world under the waves of Fiji, with a variety of different dive sites to explore. Mary A. - Unveiling Fiji We' ve been to these little towns and we' ve been to go to college with these guys. Folks used to call us families. One thing that made a difference to my schooling in Fiji during the journey, I think!

I really enjoy travelling, so I'm ready for all the new adventure, but attending college was very frightening for me.

I ended up having the best time of my whole lives! They were so nice and funny at this one. Things were so different from our local colleges. Teenagers in America just don't act as clean and lucky as those teenagers I talked to! Your college was set up just for us.

This journey has really transformed how I see my own world! I' ve seen lovely, lucky folks I' ll always be remembered for.

I' m going here: Exploration of the tropic Fiji Islands

Enjoy a new layer of cold - and want for nothing - on a South Pacific paradise isle. One could say that Taveuni is an extreme isle. I started my days in Suva, Fiji's capitol, where I was climbing aboard a puddle-jumper for the one-hour voyage to Taveuni (pronounced ta-vee-oo-nee); a voyage that took me across the vastness of the blueness of the sea, across hundred of lush islets and a series of aqua-marine wall corals that fill my whole door.

Landed in paradise - a runway cut from a thick palm grove, and went to a basic open-air arrival hall that contained a few lines of seats, a large scales for weighing the guests and almost nothing else. In Taveuni and its smaller satellites I went to explore the good living - in the typical local tradition.

Fiji is the third biggest of the islands, this place has brought the cold to a new standard, in a land already known for its relaxed tempo. In this South Pacific paradise I would find picturesque bathing pools, encounter egg farms and teach that hammocks can be used as a verse. I was taken to the Qamea Resort and Spa on a small hilly isle about 20 min from Taveuni.

I climbed into the Hammock swinging on my front terrace, snatched a beers, the thick log I had bought at the airfield (in Suva, not in Taveuni), and continued to stay all afternoon in a state of abandoned entertainment - wordplay foreseen. Soon I was willing to see more of the area, and so I went - again by ferry - to Matangi Private Island Resort.

Soon after taking the moment to get ready in my treehouse - a specially designed suites high in the trees that reminded me of Robinson Crusoe - I drove to Taveuni's only egg yard. There in quiet bluish water, in a small wood texture on stilt, I encountered a former Montreal man called Claude Prevost.

As they drove through the bodies of land that are now his egg yard, they knew they were home. I was in the sea a few moments later, snorkeling around the stilt, over a mountain of corals and marvelled at the huge variety of colorful tropic fishing that, together with the Prevost esters, make these lakes home.

The waters were clear and chilly, and I trembled as I waddled in the swimmingpool at the foot of the mountain. This was an exciting and invigorating event - just another memorable one, if you live the good lifestyle in Fiji.

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