How to get to the Marquesas Islands

Arrival to the Marquesas Islands

No direct connections to other archipelagos - you have to go via Pape'ete. Prepare to be flexible -- Some of Air Tahiti's flights from Papeete to the Marquesas first stop in Hiva Oa before flying on to Nuku Hiva. It is believed that the Marquesas Islands were formed by a centre of the ascending magma, the Marquesas hotspot. Marquesas Islands is a lonely archipelago not visited by many tourists and not as easy to reach as Bora Bora or Papeetee, Tahiti. Receive answers to your questions about the Marquesas Islands.

There are 5 budget airfares to Marquesas Islands in 2018.

Receive a warning if the price falls from Frankfurt to Papeete. The Marquesas Islands is 2 miles from Faaa airport (Papeete, French Polynesia). Currently 13 carriers are operating from Faaa Airport. The Faaa Airport operates non-stop services to 27 towns. There are at least 96 national and 61 intercontinental departures per city.

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Surrounded by towering rocks, the shores of the Marquesas Islands are a mixture of sandy shores and beautiful coves. Travellers are welcome to discover from the Taipivai Valley to Hatiheu Bay, from Anaho to Hakaui (Vaipo, the highest waterfalls on the islands of Tahiti), some of the most beautiful places in the world to see and experience culture and nature. Marquesans are said to be among the best artisans in the whole of France.

He' s landed sneaking on a rough, impermeable isle. Today it is a mystic journey because the valleys are home to several hundred remains of tikis and petrol glyphs in ageless atmospher. Though Nuku Hiva is not considered a great dive site, it is indeed very exciting.

Its geographic isolation has created a phenomenon of species diversity. One pods of several hundred melonheads lives near the coastline and can often be seen. Paul Gauguin and later in 1975 Jacques Brel came to Hiva Oa in search of what could be called inner freedom.

Whilst we don't know if they ever found it, the lights over the entire archipelago are stunningly clean every day when the rising starlight makes you think you're part of the world. You will then see a reproduction of Gaugin's "Maison du Jouir" and the small fossil record collection devoted to the artist and his family.

Living in the Marquesas, he created some of his most celebrated works of art, inspired by the everyday lives of the island' s inhabitants, but also by legend and ancient worship tradition, which depict imaginative moments. Because of its various archaeological places like me'ae in Puama'u with the biggest sculpture of Hiva Oa on the islands of Tahiti is definitely a visit.

The Taaoa is a vast cultic area with lithian textures and tikis that blend beautifully into unspoilt and primal nature: vast banaceae, bread fruit tree, as well as evergreen chestnut and indigenous redwood. Walk, horseride or four wheel drive, discover the unspoilt and stunning landscape of Hiva Oa with its falls, summits, forests and canyons.

Had God had a "great house" symbolising the Marquesas Islands, the biggest of them - Nuku Hiva - would be the top of the frame. Your start point of your adventures is Taioha'e, the capitol of the island, which opens up at the end of a large cove of the same name ý exceptional scenery, an unbelievable archaeological story, great histories and a wealthy civilization are to be found alongside a welcoming people.

It is said that Hiva aa is the principal bearer of God's "great house". It offers infinite unspoilt nature: verdant, invasive and light. In the craggy landscape of the archipelago, you will find jagged edges, summits and dales with archaeological places and remains. It houses the biggest sculptures of tikis in Polynesia.

It is fringed by sandy shores and steep rocks plunging into the Pacific Ocean. Atuona, the principal town of the archipelago, lies at the end of Taaao Bay and is dominated by the highest peaks (Mount Temetiu - 4,186 feet and Mount fe'ani - 3,366 feet.). It is also home to two renowned artists: the Parisian artist Paul Gaugin and the Parisian poets, singers and actors Jacques Brel.

Among other things, it symbolises the entry columns to God's home. "They look with pride at the Hakahau cove, the capital of the isle. The Ua Huka symbolises the "food basket" in the God's home and is known for its pristine natural beauties and its arid soils and landscape. Swingham goes climbing on the island's plateau.

Peacefully and mystically, Ua Huka encourages travellers to explore a remote world in which the island's forefathers are not only a part of the past, but still a part of the island's inhabitants' world. To Tahuata, "sunrise" or "the illuminating home" in God's home is a poetical picture that expresses the real world so well.

Small, Tahuata can only be reached by boat from Hiva-osa. It is a delightful discovery for the discerning traveller. Mono'i is made according to the fragrances of tradition and mystery, like an invitation to a fascinating fragrance, which is wonderfully called "love potion" by the islander. It is symbolizing the rooftop of the Home of the Gods: a small but fine isle.

When you arrive by boat, you will be welcomed by pure scenery and untouched flora. It will be a magical experience for the visitor. Thor Heyerdahl and his family came to the Isle in 1937 in search of a real natural revival, in order to experience the beginning of the new age. Today most of the locals are living around the town of Omoa, where they make famous tapas from cork.

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