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Samoa Fono American

and the Fono, American Samoa's Legislative Branch. The flag day is the biggest holiday of the year in American Samoa. Battle to prohibit childrens broads in American Samoa not over

American-Samoa is to pass a bill to increase the number of young girls from 14 to 18. Their bill gained a lot of parliamentary backing, but was stalled at last week's Senate read. "At the July meeting. of reintroducing it at the same meeting where it was rejected."

The Fono had received much feedback about welfare funds in aid of the bill, some quite angered that it was not led into law. However, he said the Fono had not received much feedback about the bill. Pae ma Auli said that the Senate had not examined the bill thoroughly enough before it was rejected.

Leiataua Leuga Turner, its chairman, wants to make sure that the bill is re-introduced with a lot of information and feed-back from the state. "She is very ardent in her roles as a proxy, advocate of the rights of woman and child and issues that concern her."

The new Maota Fono's roofing has begun

In Samoa, it is common to mark the beginning of roofing work when a home is made. In this spirit, MEPs met in Mulinu'u on Tuesday afternoons to mark the completion of the new Maota Fono's skid. Most of the Australian authorities are financing the Australian scheme with the help of the Samoa administration.

Australian High Commissioner Sue Langford agreed with the MPs. New Maota Fono combines Samoan tradition with contemporary technicality. It has been built by a consulting group under the leadership of Manteena Australia and is being built by Craig. "Our particular thanks go to Australia, High Commissioner Sue Langford, who provided most of the funds for the new Parliament building," he said.

"We' ve entered the stadium of the edifice where the rooftop fulfils its Samoan tradition to commemorate this event. "It is the time when we are contributing part of the contractor's award, because in the old days all they get was the conventional display, a swine to keep them going, because at this point everyone will know that we are going to finish the construction.

"If I say tricky, I speak about the subtle detail of the edifice, from the inner storey, which is 2. 4 ft lower, the severe densities, to the outside world. "There is no paint on the wallpaper and no patch, we just have to refurbish the wallpaper and that's it," said Mr. Craig.

Founded in the 1980' this is the first round construction Craig Construction has worked on and there are therefore certain challanges. "Because of the round construction and the outside are very important, we now have to cope with the roof, another problem. "He said, "The blanket was created from abroad, it was created by the Aussie nation, and all we do is obey the directions that apply to the installation of the blanket.

Craig says the property will be delivered to the authorities before May 2018. In spite of the challenge, Mr. Craig said this is a book for him. Manteena project manager Daniel Nazdin says the project complies with Samoan construction regulations and Australian and New Zealand construction standards.

Sue Langford, the Australian High Commissioner, said she was satisfied with the recent advances in recent discussions in the Australian-Samoa relations.

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