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Vacation Homes Waiheke

See Waiheke Island houses, apartments and flats for rent on Trade Me Property. Air New Zealand has one of its holiday homes on Waiheke Island. Years ago many of the houses were bought by the fundraisers of the members. Making your holiday easy and economical. Our holiday homes are very inexpensive with a low overnight rate.

Waiheke Island Holiday Homes

Be it a glamorous excursion, a memorable event or a relaxing holiday with the whole host of families, a visit to one of our deluxe houses will take you to the centre of an exceptional place, Waiheke Island. From architectonically decorated houses to deluxe residences, all our houses are equipped with the best facilities and a courier services to meet all your needs.

Enjoy the spectacular view of the Hauraki Gulf or immerse yourself in the elegant and charming atmosphere of your lonely hiding place on the Isle. Whichever type of holiday home you like, all our Waiheke houses provide you with a magic retreat to make the most of your stay on this memorable isle.

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Making your holiday simple and economic. Our holiday homes are very inexpensive with a low rate per night. For a great holiday, all you need is your own meals and bedding. In the Stanmore Bay (Auckland region) there are also camping sites in the summers at low costs per pitch.

Reservations for full members can be made up to one year in advance, unless votes are taken. Associated members can make reservations up to three month in advanced. The elections take place at Christmas, Easter and some other very busy time. In order to make a reservation, look at the units detail and fill in the ballot papers by clicking on "Make reservation" below.

Click on "Make a reservation" below, then click on International on the card. This information can only be viewed if you are signed in.

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