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Raviz Ashtamudi Welcome Hotel

The WelcomHotel Raviz Ashtamudi is located in Mathilil on a lake and near Tangasseri Lighthouse and Kollam Beach. The Welcomhotel Raviz Ashtamudi is a popular destination in Kollam. Raviz Resort And Spa, Ashtamudi Kollam. (e.g.

WelcomHotel Raviz Ashtamudi, Resort And Ayurveda Spa, Kollam). On the Raviz Priviliz card.

WelcomeHotel Raviz Ashtamudi Resort, Kerala

The WelcomHotel Raviz Ashtamudi is located on the shores of untouched Lake Ashtamudi, which links the Kerala and Arabian Sea spas, and combines contemporary architectural design with a sense of tradition to create one of the most beautiful resorts in South India. Realised with the help of craftsmen, arquitects, engineers and waterway experts, the residence is a "heaven in God" ?s Own land.

WelcomHotel Raviz Ashtamudi extends over 5 hectares of beautifully laid out, luxuriant verdant garden, the 93 guest rooms are furnished with delicate accents and at the same time offer the best comfort of modern life.

WelcomeHotel Raviz Ashtamudi, Kollam | Hotels in Kollam

Fantastic ambiance, cosy seats, thoughtful and hot services and delicious meals are your ideas. If you want to eat well, then you should go to WelcomCafe Lakeside. It is the flagship luncheon at the Raviz Ashtamudi, Kollam Premier Deluxe and Buisness Series WelcomShotel. It has a very impartial atmosphere, making it an excellent place for informal and informal events.

A range of favourite meals from India and abroad, hand-picked by experienced cooks, will make your meal an unforgettable one. There is a snack bar for breakfasts, lunches and dinners and a large choice of a la card cuisine. Our meals are made according to the best traditions with the best seasonings and flavour.

Are you a big aficionado or an Indian or pan-Asian food or China flavor, then the Shanghai Club is the place for you. The Shanghai Club is the in-house speciality China gastronomy offering guests a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable event. It has a very sumptuous interior decorated with ancient artefacts and features from China.

Serving genuine flavours of China, cooked by skilled cooks according to tradition with raw seasonings and biological additives that emphasize their unmistakable aroma. You will find some of the most sought-after and delicious specialities from China and Asia on the menus that you won't find anywhere else.

Whether tasty meals, genuine flavours or an eastern atmosphere - the Shanghai Club takes you to the East and ensures that you feel at home here. Weary of the same old food sensation in frequent diners, then you are in for a pleasurable suprise. The Raanthal is a one-of-a-kind swimming pool swimming pool designed by the WelcomHotel Raviz Ashtamudi, Kollam, to provide a very special and enchanting meal for our customers.

Raanthal - means that an old street lamp made of processed boards is kept with a coconut cord, the kettuvallome, symbolizing the singular construction and the generous swimming place. Benefactors can order specialities from India, China and the Continent, as well as a selection of regional specialities, which are offered here.

Raanthal's unparalleled ambiance and convenient facilities set it apart from its rivals. And if you want to indulge yourselves in a cosy atmosphere, then visit Zirkon - the hotel's own pub at the WelcomHotel Raviz Ashtamudi, Kollam. Situated on the grounds of the resort, the lounge provides visitors with a great opportunity to taste their favourite beverages without leaving the resort.

It offers a very relaxed atmosphere, supported by low light and convenient sitting arrangements. Featuring both well-known brand-names from India and imports, the restaurant offers a wide range of drinks such as wine, beers, singles malt, and coctails. Zirkon will delight both India's and abroad's visitors with its classy ambiance, fashionable decor and thoughtful services.

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