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Best Rarotonga Holiday Packages 2018

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Maldive Islands Holidays & Luxury Breaks

The 2,000 Maldivian Isles, like single gems swimming in the Indian Ocean, offer amazing natural beauties, the highest levels of luxurious accommodation and excellent service, combining the most important elements for a 5-star holiday adventure. With an unbelievable five bays per capita, you won't have to shipwreck to find your island's beautiful islander.

There are also luxurious hotels, great dining and infamous Malaysian tradition of hosting. Maldive Islands holiday offers a unique excursion to a paradise of islands. Begin with the excitement of local fishermen' s vessels loading and unloading in the port of Male before going to the superb markets to see the island' s rich cuisine.

Don't go without tasting a fresh and tasty piece of freshly squeezed freshly squeezed homemade fruit from one of the locals. Then visit the Hukuru Misikiiy Mosque, a mosque constructed over 350 years ago with its tender granite body and complicated woodcarvings. You can also find some nice artisan craft stores where you can buy beautiful jewelry made of native corals.

It is a small paradise on this planet and offers you the possibility to spend time relaxing and escaping from everyday life. They are the ideal place to do nothing more exhausting than admire the views, read a great guide and drink a cocktail from your own sun deck.

Most of the world-class resort facilities include in-house health and beauty centers that offer a variety of exclusive and luxury therapies. And for something really unique, take a tour of the world's first subsea spas, where your therapy will take place in an aquatic environment encircled by tropic fishing on all sides. Maldives provides easy entry to an envy able variety of aquatic species and for those who cannot spend too much time on a sunbed, it also provides great possibilities for exciting aquatic activities.

Windsurf, wakeboard or paraglide to get a breathtaking look at the island in the blue sea. If you want to dive beneath the sea during a luxurious holiday, a captivating marine life is awaiting you; the Baldives are renowned for their home of mantas and shark whales.

Most of the resort are located on their own island, amidst luxuriant flora and fauna, with excellent shelter. Male, the island's capitol, is a good starting point near the events and well located for the Aiport. You will find luxurious accommodations such as the Vilu Reef Beach and Spa Resort, set in the midst of nature and palms.

You can reach the other 2,000 Indian Ocean Island by sea plane or sea taxis, each offering a quiet getaway and every imaginable level of leisure. If you want an memorable holiday, choose one of the seaside mansions such as those in LUX* Malaysia, which lie on stilt in an island Laguna, sheltered by the beautiful nature of the cay.

Besides complete intimacy and complete insulation, you can get out of your beds and into the sea. Maldives has a subtropical weather and the drought lasts from December to March, the humid and rainy months from May to November. The number of visitors is very high during the drought and many choose a holiday in the Maldives to get some wintersun.

Out of this period you will probably still have hot, comfortable, sunny nights, although you will sometimes need to take protection in your luxurious cabins from one or two showers. You will be picked up at your destination and directed to your pre-booked car by a Signature Dealer.

You will get a welcome package with information and all your contacts. There will be a welcome session at your accommodation, or if you need help during your visit, the reception ist will be available to you.

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