French Polynesia in French

Polynesia in French

How accurate is French Polynesia? Well it' fucking French! To resist, you' re blowing them away with a stay in Tahiti, one of the most expansive, exclusiv and excentric French Polynesian French regions, one of the most expansive, excentric and unique. To begin with, even the way the French say that Tahiti is called. In any case, it is no accident that the A-lists go here, that the menu is offered in French and Japanese (and sometimes also English) and that Marlon Brando has purchased an whole isle here to plant a church.

However, perhaps the most breathtaking example for Tahiti's French is that even in a reefed lake in the South Pacific, the French have found out how best to do French - cultivate, reap and make the grape. Situated in the sparsely inhabited Tuamotu Archipelago, next to the Society Islands and Tahiti, is the breathtaking Rangiroa Atlas with Vin de Tahiti, a real Vinberg and the only one on an Atlante.

It all smells of goodness. Europe-wide level of qualitiy. An exceptionally French standard, to be precise. The Tahiti has almost 70% of the total French Polynesian territory, which consists of almost 120 island and plains, of which less than half are ininhabited. The Tahitians are all French and many of the islanders, especially in Tahiti's capitol Pape'ete, were all French.

The French is the French national and the French Pacific Franc is the indigenous franc. However, you should go to the central square in Pape'ete and you are undoubtedly in the South Pacific, as far away from Europe as possible. There is only one symbol of French in the biggest brands in the country: the bar of the baker and its perfect French bread.

As Cambodia butter, this is the most enjoyable of the early hours of the day for first-time guests. All is directly from France and explains its extremely high cost, and you have to guess the inferiority. In these fairytale island, if there's gravel at all, it's in Pape'ete. It is the largest harbour on the island and therefore also the gravelly harbour.

However, if you are considering Tahiti as a stop or travel stop, you should not depart without a trip to some of the other isles. At the everlasting Raiatea and its cultural importance - and I'm not speaking of French civilization anymore. Being farther away from Tahiti, one feels less like France, again like the American Hawaii.

Only if you continue your journey to the Marquesas Islands for your next memory of French civilization and the tomb of the French expressionist Paul Gauguin in the tranquil Atuona. So how exactly is French Polynesia? It' beautiful French. However, in the integration of this very strange grade, the Polish part of the country's equations is probably more stable than the American'Aloha' taste in Hawaii.

You can also do this in French. Are you looking for a place to practise your French? Make Tahiti a stop or travel destinations with our unbelievable choice of air fares and South Pacific vacations.

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