Places to Visit in Waiheke Island

Sights in Waiheke Island

This makes it the ideal place for a family outing or a beach day. From Auckland, a fast ferry ride takes you to beautiful Waiheke Island. Hire a bike, kayak or scooter for a beach walk and vineyard walk. Of these five destinations, you can only go to the right. Spend a long weekend enjoying the hip suburbs and attractions of downtown New Zealand or use it as a springboard to explore the beauty of New Zealand's North Island.

There are 5 unforgettable places in New Zealand.

Rightly known as an open-air haven, New Zealand offers both adrenalin junkie feeding and pleasure for those seeking a relaxing walk among the natural wonder. You' ll jump into the bottom of an subterranean lake, abseil down dark hoses of watertubes, - basically you' ll fill the adventurer's side with every turn.

Whatever you choose, you will have an interesting and rewarding time. No wonder that this little piece of paradise is equally loved by local people and visitors respectively. That Waiheke Island has everything is 100% real. It is the perfect adventure for the fearless discoverer, not for the faint-hearted.

Genuine Middle-earth is located in Waikato, in an environment where the editorial staff does not require much in the way of CGIs. Formerly iterating, it still had the gentle slopes and breathtaking scenery, but now the visitor also gets a genuine portrayal of what was offered to them on the canvas.

Whilst the strolls around Hobbiton are not exactly action-packed, this is still a great place for an easy stroll if your system leaks its sores from the above mentioned activity! It is not only a stroll through a former movie kit, but an unforgettable middle earth adventure that you should not miss.


Take the Waiheke Island shuttle (at your own expense), just 11 mile (.18 km) from Auckland, and then have your personal travel companion pick you up at the island's shuttle station. From Waiheke, a 25-minute walk takes you to the Trig Hill Visitors Centre, one of the highest points on the island, where you can admire magnificent vistas of Auckland and Hauraki Gulf.

Then, you' re ready to be checked in, grabbed your security equipment and head to the first observation deck for your three thrilling 200-metre diplpline missions. You will be personally attended by your tour leader with a max. of 12 members of the zip line. You will be securely fastened to the zipper with a full length belt after a brief instruction.

Your first zip line ride will take you over a hilly vine that is not quite as intensive as New Zealand's most popular adrenalin pump-fun! Second and third Zipeline runs over a river bed, over a rug of indigenous forests.

In order to enrich the experience, the ascent on these two fights is slowly increasing. On your own, take an interpreting 1.5 km long stroll back to the Visitors Centre. You will get to know the varied New Zealand wildlife. The ferry takes you back to the island's ferry station every 40 minutes to Auckland (own cost, about $35 per ferry ticket).

The full refund is available up to 96 hrs before departure.

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