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Flight to the boutique hotel Soneva Fushi for a romantic trip to a lonely island in the Maldives. Soneva Fushi's spacious luxury villas are hidden between dense foliage on a private island in the Baa Atoll, a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Soneva Fushi, Maldives Hotel Review on Telegraph Travel. Soneva Fushi on the Maldives is a natural paradise, separated by its own house reef. Situated on the idyllic and otherwise uninhabited island of Kunfunadhoo, Soneva Fushi was the first hiding place in Robinson Crusoe style on the Maldives.

Atoll Maldives Soneva Fushi | Luxury Beach Resort in Baa Atoll Maldives

This is the hiding place of the lonely Maldives islet. Roomy luxurious mansions are located on a privately owned archipelago under thick leaf. Soneva Fushi stimulates the fantasy between thick leaves, on snow-soft shores in the UNESCO biosphere reserve Baa Atoll. The biggest of our mansions, the Personal Reserve, has everything from a children's room and a waterslide to a spas, saunas and fitness studios.

The six bed room mansion has a saunas, a Turkish bath, two swimming baths, several seats and can be used in combination with mansion 41 to create a nine bed room mansion. Quest for the mysterious and charming manta rays in the Bay of Hanifaaru (only between June and November), only 20 min by Soneva Fushi S-Boat.

An isolated insular adventure with lunches, cooked by your own cook, all after a snorkel tour to whet your appetite. Enjoy a meal on the isle. Nicknamed after Chief Sobah, Sobah's is a Maldivian eatery on an inhabited isle just 15 min by speed boat from Soneva Fushi. Enjoy exquisite barbecued meat and shellfish, teppanyaki, sushi and mysterious meals created by Michelin star cooks - all in our two-story surface-structures.

A picknick on your own privately owned isle or dinner in the jungles.

Sioneva Fushi Hôtel - North Male Atoll, Maldives

The ecologically stylish mansions of the Soneva Fushi are the subject of Robinson Crusoe fantasy on the powder-white sandy shores of a privately owned Maldives isle. However, please be aware that the resort will charge an extra $6.00 per head per day when checking out. The Six Sensual Spas, privately owned sandy with water sports, bicycles for hire, observation room, open-air movie theater, floodlight courts, bathminton, snooker tables, group Yogoga and Thai Chin courses, running trails, boardgames, ice creams, libraries, storage of CD's and DVD's, free WiFi.

Soneva Fushi's sundowns may be stunning, but the sunriseside mansions on the islands are sanctuary with undisturbed sea-view. There is no community swimming pools on the islands, so make sure you paddle on a mansion with en-suite sea water in it. In the retreat mansion (61) stretches out in the shadow of the dinning area on the second level, which connects the two bedrooms of this spacious hiding place.

Just as impressing is the open-air bath: with a lake, sunk bath, steam bath and a small fitness studio, it lures you away from the dekadenten Spas. There' s no community swimming Pool. A number of mansions have their own sea water swimming areas; all have their own isolated sandy beaches. Don't worry about your boots - nobody on the whole damn thing is wearing them.

Every mansion has its own Mr. or Mrs. Friday, a personal builder who takes care of the guests' needs. The discount for minors between seven and eleven years of age is 50 percent: minors under six years of age eat free. Soneva Fushi Mansion Suites and Treehouse are ideal for Robinsons traveling with their families.

Elderly kids will enjoy the sea water basin and the treehouse: 2.5 meters above the floor, it has a bunkbed and a twin cot in which up to three kids can stay. In the Botanical Gardens there are a large swimming pools with a chute, a pirates' boat, a ping-pong cabin, a trampoline, a children's spottail lounge, reading room, dressing room, a movie theatre, a reading room, a study area, a musical room with musical equipment, a ripcord and a swing on the botanicals.

Elderly kids will enjoy the sitting bags to sit in, the movie theater and the DJ room as well as the arts, crafts and cooks. The cave is open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, free and under supervision, welcome are kids from 4-12 years; younger kids must be escorted by an grown-up.

Elder ly children can discover the islands safely: there are no harmful creatures or bugs, and there are many creatures to keep them busy (geckos, hens and bunnies roaming free). You can rent smaller bikes and trikes to walk around and soak up water sports and snorkeling, ping-pong, badminton, playing golf, volley-ball or just fly down with some popcorn and popcorn to the theater.

There' s no common indoor and outdoor and you need to keep an eyes on the young people in the mansions with their own privatly owned pisc. Kids are always welcome. We offer meals for babies and toddlers as well as half-dishes. Diapers, towels, milk as well as babies' nutrition are available in the store of the hotels.

Small blacksmiths can find out everything about reuse and compostion and harvest new fruits and veggies from the biological gardens. And if the food under the starry skies isn't sufficiently intimate, the resort can also arrange its own dinette on the island's sandside. There is a large selection of freshly cooked biscuits, homemade jam and egg-cooking facilities for breakfasts; at lunches it turns into a pasture festival with grill, stir-fry and lettuce stalls, wood-fired pizza and a refreshing pastaselbar.

Situated high above the jungles and open to the ocean breezes, Frèh in the Garden's menus change every day and use only regional products and freshwater seafood cooked with Malaysian samba and aromatic plants. An unforgettable evening meal in Sobah, on an inhabited isle 15 min from the residence, is served by Soabh, head cook serving Malaysian tradition with contemporary flair and evening meal, followed by digestif and stargazing with the hotel's own astrologer.

The Fresh in the Garden is open Tuesdays and Fridays. The breakfast can also be enjoyed at any hour of the morning in your mansion. An employee of the hotels will pick you up at the airfield and take you to the water plane in five minutes. It is a 35-minute fly from there to Soneva Fushi International Airfield (a few sq. m. swimming stage just off the shore of the island).

Roundtrip fares are 800 USD per person (from 12 years), 400 USD per person (between 2 and 11 years) and are free for under-2s. Kunfunadhoo Island's remoteness is very attractive, so there is little to do to enjoy the Soneva Fushi's inherent charm and integral bodily wellbeing.

There are four snorkel entrances to the islands; mantas and tortoises, which are seen frequently at the housereef, can readily be refilled for whole dail. Facilities include guest mask and flippers and a sea life expert who organizes snorkeling excursions and swimming at sunset to see octopuses, dormant parrotfish, lobsters and bio-luminescent plant.

There are only a few places on the islands that have their own restaurant or bar. The prospective cooks can try their hand at Maldivian cookery courses with their own products.

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