Bora Bora Luxury Resorts

The Bora Bora Luxury Resorts

See more ideas about Bora bora Resorts, Resorts and Holiday Resorts. The Meridien Bora Bora Amenities: 2 cosmopolitan and local eateries, 2 pubs, 2 refreshment areas, 2 outdoor swimminpools, spa, 2 boutiques, heliport, paddleboat, kayaking, snorkelling, canoeing, children's play area, turtle center. Seven good reason to choose Le Meridian Bora Bora Bora for your next event: - 82 surface chalets (double or king-size beds) and 14 beach chalets, 4 of which are beach villas with pool.

Bora Bora Bora Bora Resort, France - Polynesia

It has some of the world's highest levels of ADR, which were part of our new merchandising policy, with a particular emphasis on: proactive income and PACE analytics, enhanced inter-segment sales (limiting receivables exposure), geographical sources of operations to exploit seasonal effects, minimising commission, enhancing space utilisation (especially suites/villa marketing), maximising high-aviation sectors, best performance of the Four Seasons Hotels on corporate brand.

Resort's outstanding fluid capacity and has resulted in significant net inflow of funds. The Global Asset Solution implemented ROI-driven investment initiatives (controlling ~7 million euros of total ~180 investments in three years). We' ve redesigned certain surface bungalows (e.g. extra terraces and diving pools), community bungalows (e.g. improve/redesign most F&B concepts, create activities switches to increase internal purchases and excursions) and back-of-house areas to increase the visitor enjoyment, increase extra income and achieve extra costsaving ( e.g. building a photovoltaic park).

Together with the hospitality staff, new facilities such as US domestic jets to the destination have been developed. In the last two years the independant rating of hotels has grown by >20%, which allows the owner a succesful withdrawal.

Southeast Pacific Resorts: Stories from the South Pacific

St. Regis is located in Bora Bora and has ninety-one mansions and a Jean-Georges vongerichten restaurants. Situated in the St. Regis Bora Bora resorts, the surface mansions are the biggest of their kind in Polynesia. Both have their own patio and pavilion, and the smallest is 1,550 sqm.

St. Regis in Bora Bora has two swimming pools and a saltwater swimming pool. A surface mansion in the St. Regis. The breakfast is at the Royal Estate in St. Regis. In the Hilton Moorea Resort and Spa, Toatea is above the sea - observe the sea fishing while eating.

The Hilton Moorea Lagoon Spa has 54 above-water shelters. Snooping is a wonderful sight on the Little Polyesian Resorts shore. Roasted Duck Lettuce with washabi dressings at Little Polyesian Estate. savoury in the South Pacific: the bony, bone free pancaetta in the Little Polynias.

Ratua Private Island is a yachting and scuba dive centre offering yachting on board of one of Ratua Private Island Resort's finest yachting yachts. Vanuatu's Ratua Private Island Estate, with fifteen mansions, has a new look at luxury: an exquisite bio-menue, an elaborate selection of wines - and one hundred per cent winnings for alliances.

The luxurious Ratua Private Island is 20 min by a 20 minute cruise from a jetty near the Luganville International Airfield, Espiritu Santo's capital (678-30020; double room, $450). The rooms at Ratua Private Island are rustically elegant. Ratua Private Island is a private island residence, built from old buildings from Indonesia.

Ratua Private Iceland offers a choice of either contemporary or old-fashioned vessels like this one. In Ratua Private Iceland you have the feeling that the whole of Ratua is yours - and it is.

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