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Have a camera, phone or professional with you to record your amazing experience. Practice normal security in Vanuatu. Receive important Vanuatu visa information, entry requirements and other details for your Vanuatu holiday. Travel tips, costs and detailed plans for Port Vila, Efate, Santo & Tanna. Vanuatu visitors must apply for a visa unless they travel with a passport from one of the visa-free countries.

vanuatu tour guides and activities: 20 places to go

Recently, Vanuatu has been ravaged by Cyclone Pam, and as a land so dependent on tourists, it is very dependent on overseas tourists to get back on their feet. Here is a brief description of the situation. The best way to help some of the kindest and most welcoming individuals you want to know is to spend your tourists dollar in Vanuatu.

The majority of our hotel (especially those here in Port Vila and Espiritu Santo, which has remained untouched) and touristic activity has been re-opened, which means that there has never been a better moment to come and see this Pacific continent and just help them through a good one. Not a land of major resort destinations or global chain stores, Vanuatu is one of the most distinctive of its kind, often located in remote areas.

The best is one of the best is Eeratap, a seaside resorts about 40 min outside of Port Vila. Mt Yasur, the most easily reachable living vulcano in the whole wide open space, is always on Tanna Island, 45 min flying time from Port Vila. You have two possibilities to develop your market in Port Vila. You can also walk down the major road from Port Vila to the grocery stores for a truly indigenous adventure.

Vanuatu is not famous for its first-class cooking, but Vanuatu has some of the best dishes in the area. In the Palm Cove Beach Bar, a gorgeous restaurant by the water recently opened in Port Vila, you can eat local lobster and local lobster and seaweed as well as Vanuatu veal, which is of surprising high qualitiy for an area that you would rather connect with shellfish.

Kevin Bradshaw, a Kiwi proprietor, began Palm Cove after he lost everything he possessed in Cyclone Pam - the place is proof of the locals' wish to get Vanuatu back on its feet. Don't you think it's a good idea? However, Vanuatu is another animal that is not as reverently handled as elsewhere.

Vanuatu is not only one of the best in its surroundings, but also has some very easy access to some of the best wrecks - there are submerged ferry boats, yacht, freighters, seaplanes and perhaps the most popular place of all, the shipwreck of SS President Coolidge off the Isle of Espiritu Santo.

You paddle in a canoe through one of the untouched waters of Espiritu Santo, when the river bed falls below you and you find yourself in a 30 metre " bleu ". All over the islands these geologic features can be found: large, karst-forming sources, between three and 30 meters in depth and full of breathtaking blush.

Try Stroggy Fun Rental, which provides half-day self-drive stroller trips through some great little towns near Port Vila that you would never normally do. The island of Tanna is home to several "cargo cults" - groups of individuals, often entire communities, that adore westerns who are believed to have been visiting during the Second World War and who have been promising to come back with more or less freight.

Facing the beach or gardens, the residence features chalets all in a plain, rustic look with overhead ventilators, bed linen and an open-air bath room. This wonderful little spas has everything from periodic massage to volcano fly-ashes, peelings, packs of clays, pedicure and their sign "frangipani mani". A thirty-minute drive by ferry from Espiritu Santo is Ratua, a luxurious eco-lodge where visitors have a whole isle to themselves.

There are 15 mansions in local architectural styles, each with its own entrance to the beaches, and there is a maximum of 38 people on the islands at any given moment, which means that you will have this breathtaking, remote holiday almost to yourself. Excursions on the islands are horse riding, snorkeling, hiking, mountain bike, snorkeling, canoeing and a visit to the Sunny Spa.

There is nothing like a chopper ride to a privately owned isle and a glass of bubbly of champagne to suggest a marriott. Get ready for the one-knee session when you're on Vanuatu Helicopters'' love is in the air trip, a 1 hour long adventure that will take you and your beaten companion from the port of Port Vila to the top of a hill on Lelepa where a range of survivors and some of the best sights are at home.

Vanuatu is a city with 83 populated isles and more than 1000 language skills in a land of only 250,000 inhabitants, making it as rich in culture as one could wish for. You can find a momentary picture of the different arts and crafts in Port Vila. Although it is shaded by neighboring Fiji and the country's renowned Cloudbreak, Vanuatu has many offers for surfer, among them perfect formed riff break, which you can hardly share with a single souls.

Erakor Point, Pango and Breakas on the Efate and Port Resolution islands on Tanna are some of the most visited places. Whilst it is very much appreciated by the diver, Vanuatu is also a good place to put on a helmet, go snorkelling and watch the marine life from the depth.

On Hideaway Island, a favourite snorkeling site off the Port Vila coastline, you will not only find enormous schooling sites of giant riffs, stingrays, eel and colorful corals, but also an undersea mailbox maintained by the Vanuatu Mail. A further possibility is a meridian charter boat trip at dusk through the Port Vila area.

Vanuatu, a former settlement, still preserves some of its traditional France heritage - the Le Bon Marche grocery store selling pâté glasses, while in the Au Fare restaurant, many of the waiters and clients carry out all their processes au français. The Au Fare is a great place to enjoy a delicious meal of traditional cooking - the cook will serve homemade parfaits and fish steaks on the waterside of Port Vila.

Each year in April and May, the village inhabitants build giant wood pinnacles on Pentecost Island, then climbing to the top and jump with only two grapes attached to their knuckles to crumble their throat.

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