Vanuatu Trip

The Vanuatu Trip

INVANUATU for 7 dagen - Travelogue (Warning - it's long!) - Port Vila Forum At the end of August we stayed 7 in and around Vila. Three in mangoes and four in Benjor. Here is our travelogue. It is our second trip to Vanuatu - we got remarried there and celebrated our second marriage year.

Arrive in Vanuatu, humid and warm.

Hideaway Island, hike 2. It was disappointing to snorkel on Hideaway Island. However, we did enjoy a tusker and a hockey dog on the shore, and it was a nice way to enjoy a nice time.

Actually, and this is very jerky and probably only interesting to me, the most thrilling thing I saw on Hideaway was a Windflow turbo (a two-bladed turbo produced in Christchurch) near the top of Devil's Point. Like most Pacific Island countries, Vanuatu would be mainly dependent on the production of fuel.

Attaboy Vanuatu. Also we were adopted by some native bitches who followed us back to Bennjor - at least 2 km on foot. They are known in the city of Bejor and were brought home that evening. 3rd day: On foot to the Cascades - another 45 minutes on foot.

We saw them screaming at the hounds as soon as we saw them working, and they soon went home. Admission to the Cascades was costly (1500 Vt), but it was rewarding. Stage 4: Bejor has a minigolf course, which we played for an hours before we drove into the city.

Port-Vila has undergone a great change in two years. Before we embarked on our Fun Buggy Tours, we were enjoying a Chill and Tusker beer! We' re taking the jungles out. We went on a round trip around the islands. Fantastic view from the sky-walk on the top of the isle and many big fishing at our stop in the port of Havannah.

The number of mobile phone masts in the midst of nowhere was one of the most amazing things on this one. They can go on a trip and still stay in contact with the outside underway. By the end of the morning, we were dumped on mangoes. Mangosi' place.

The best meal I had in Vanuatu. We' re going to Erakor Island for dinner - a steamed chicken and a Tusker. I took a coach back to Vila, had a brief look around and made a Tuskers in Moorings. so we weren't really hanging around.

So we went back to mangoes, the long way past the old courthouse. It' s got a laughably pricey drink - I think my man said a Tusker was 600Vt. had a tasty paste and a Tusker and snorkeled a little but didn't really see much. It looks like a good place to spend the night, but it's like Benjor, it's out of the city. So once you get there, you're really in.

It only gave us a glimpse, and they just look simple, but fantastically situated and so very, very inexpensive, so near Vila. Morning 8: Bye Vanuatu! AirNZ had a delay of one hours because the (first) groundflight team struggled with the staircase to let the passenger off, and the pilots decided that they needed additional gas.

There was a delay of about 30 min. on the plane to Wellington. Well, the high points of our trip? A funny stroller trip, cascades, delicious mangoes and lots of tuskers. This would have to be the grocery intoxication that hit my man on the 6th and reached me two working nights after my return (although these two working nights were not all bad).

But Vanuatu is pricey, especially the cuisine. I will be pleased to respond to any queries you may have about this trip.

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