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What is it about Vanuatuu' s maritime surroundings that is extraordinary or inimitable? Vanuatu's coastlines and coastlines are home to a variety of flora and fauna. In this astonishing marine landscape, some places are just a little more specific, just a little more original than the nearby sea. It can be very species-rich, it can contain endangered or singular types or it can have singular habitat.

They used their expertise to help us chart the areas that are truly exceptional and/or singular. This workshop took place on 25 October 2017 in the conference room of the Ministry of Climate Adaptation, Meteorology, GeoHazard, Environment and Energy in Port Vila. Acting Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Ms Roline Tekon, said: "As Vanuatu's begins to draw up a maritime spatial plan as part of our national maritime policy, it is important that we know where our specific and/or singular maritime areas are located.

"Vanuatu is full of expert know-how. Gathering these individuals together gives us the best opportunity to chart Vanuatu's unparalleled maritime diversity. "The result of this workshops will be the first chart of Vanuatu's particular and singular sea areas," he concludes.

About VANUATU - Vanuatu National Audit Office

It is subdivided into 6 main seasons: the cold (dry) period from May to October and the hot (wet) period from November to April. The Vanuatu UCT is + 11:00 o'clock. The overall populace of Vanuatu is 283,492. It is governed by a combination of UK, France and common practice laws.

Some of the other domestic tongues are used, as well as other cosmopolitan ones such as Mandarin and Japan. It is denominated in Vatu. It is easy to convert currencies into national currencies via the exchange or merchant bank. It has 4 large merchant banking institutions, namely ANZ Bank, Westpac Bank, Bred Bank and the National Bank of Vanuatu, which are currently active in the state.

Vanuatu has 2 operators offering wireless telephony on all of Vanuatu's isles. There is a widespread use of the web and satellites in the state. No serious unmet medical need exists in the county requiring an inoculation. There are reports in the three main language versions.

There are other internationally available TV channels (radio and satellite) in the state. The Vanuatu uses 220-230 Volt AC "Type I" australische AS-3112 Socket. It is a version with 3-pole connectors and earthing rod and two shallow live contacts, which are available in your electric and DIY store or in some specialty outlets.

The most important means of transportation in the cities are taxis and buses. Ships are often used as means of transportation on the western isles. Bauerfield lnternational Airfield is the main entrance point. Local aerodromes have external islets for internal flights. One VT 2500 fee at the VT 2500 and VT 400 for national flights.

Tips or negotiations are contrary to traditional customs and are not practised in the state. Most of Vanuatu is a predominantly Christian state. It is always advisable for travelers to take out cover. To enter Vanuatu, your identity card must be in force for at least 6 month after your arrival in your home state.

None of the member states of the Commonwealth need a visas to visit Vanuatu. If you have any further questions, please consult the Vanuatu Customs Office or the local migration office.

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