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Beaches of Vanuatu

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vanuatu. Eton Beach is one of the best places to enjoy the beach outside Port Vila. Benefit from direct access to the beach and support when booking tours! The Blacksand Beach with Tanna horses. Put it in the cart.

Blue lagoon beach.

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Hello people, we are planing a journey to Vanuatu in June next year and wanted to show some advices where the most beautiful beaches are And when the beaches in Vanuatu are crystalline water and as the pictures show you? It has beautiful beaches like Champagne Beach and Port Olry.

Hideaway Island could be a good place for your 11-year-old if you live in or around Port Vila. There is good snorkeling, an under water mailroom, kayaking, activity and a good opportunity to meet other children his years. Just to make sure that there are really beautiful beaches like the picture show when we went to Fiji and was a disillusion!

He could be back in the sands next July. I had my miss 3 build sandburgs on the shore near Cicadella. It is also important to keep in mind that a large fine white shore means a large gravel bottom, which is not very interesting for snorkeling. Take the coach to Havannah Harbour to a beautiful reefed shore not too far out, Breakas has a beautiful lazy and relaxed shore, but the surf is usually not so good for snorkeling, Tara Resort has good snorkeling, the Hideaway Wharf bar has a deep golden beaches with bouncy castles on the doorstep.

You can snorkel on Erakor Island as a day-guest with good snorkeling beginner (2000t day-guest charge going towards your shopping, midday beverages, free kayak, free drink services to your free solarium, icecream parlour and surface restaurants etc.).

The best beaches in Vanuatu? - Banuatu Forum

The best beaches in Vanuatu? Hello Annamags, In my view the best beaches in Vanuatu are either Port Olrey or Lonnoc on Santo Isle. Now you can take Air Vanuatu directly to Santo. On Lonnoc Strand there are simple village cottages with bed and bathroom.

There are also small cottages on Oyster Islands beach and you can make daily excursions to Port Olry or Lonnoc to see if you want to spend the nights there. In the area around Vila I would say that the best beaches are outside Eton Beach.

Probably you want Tamanu on the Sea or Crystal Blue Lake. They' re both a nice way out of the city. But the beaches are good. Near the city, one would choose a place like Le Lagon or Le Meridien, both located on lagoons. Breaka's is located on a windsurfing spot a little further out.

The village of Vila is located on the shore of the port of Vila. It' not really a beach, but it has a good look.

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