Yasawas and the Mamanucas

The Mamanukas and Yasawas

Continental versus Mamanucas versus Yasawas. When I read the forums here, I get the following general perceptions about where people are going: Whilst a few operate their own transfer boats, the Mamanuca and Yasawa Resorts organise transfers for their guests. I' ve only got a limited time if I have to choose between the two, which one should I go? In these waters live some huge big game species, which join together with fish.

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It should not be forgotten that until recently Fiji was mainly a refuge for Aussies/NZ-tours. However, with more planes and carriers now operating directly to Nadi, there is a much greater interest in Fiji from Americans (10-11 hours from LAX) and the Asiatic markets (Korean Air is now operating directly to Nadi).

The Mainland Resort - Fiji is a place where you can make the most of your stay. There may be "more to do", but Fiji's old-fashioned Boers are not resorting. The Mamanucas - Best pop for dollars with the resorts bidding for a broad range of accounts and fairly inexpensive broadcasts generally about Boats.

The Yasawas - Drop dead gorgeous, and there are a few really high-end up there. Several of Fiji's highest resort locations are in the Yasawas. It' s noteworthy that most of the Yasawa Island chains estates (except a few) actually lease the lands from the indigenous peoples, so they are restricted in what they can do with them.

Even if they' re afraid of small airplanes, they will look elsewhere. It is remarkable that for Aussies/NZ a brief trip and a large selection of good trade currencies make Fiji a vital "annual" vacation for many. In the Yasawas, some resort bookings will be made month in advance. In the Yasawas, some of them are booked up. The said Ć½specials for Resorts can often be found on their own Sites.

Anyone who does a little research on Fiji before they leave will probably appreciate it more and know what to expect when they get there (if all this makes sense). Everybody has a part of Fiji they like.

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What is the difference between the Yasawas and the Mamanucas? Taveuni and near Qamea, and Matangi, our favourite Fiji resorts, offer you a different adventure than the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. This area is known for snorkelling and scuba-dive, but the beach is smaller, more golden than knows.

From Nadi to Taveuni the journey lasts about 1 1/2h. If you choose Qamea or Matangi, you will be picked up at the Taveuni International Centre by a local guide who will drive you through jungles and towns to a sandy spot where a ferry will take you to the area.

From the States, arriving very early in the mornings. So we took the first plane to Taveuni and reached Matangi at 10:30am. On the following page you will find photos from our last holiday in Matangi. Gives you an impression of the air, beaches, Bures, snorkelling, resorts, etc.

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