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Fiji peacekeeping honoured at the UN. Department of Foreign Affairs. More about Fiji's missions around the world. Leaving the worries and the outside world behind like on a faraway shore. Within the unspoilt Mamanuca Islands is our secluded,'only' harbour for adults.

Japan-Fiji-relations (basic data) ? Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Diplomacy: Japan's trade cooperation: Since 1970, Japan and the Republic of Fiji have maintained amicable and co-operative relationships. These relationships have been established through exchanges of visitors, Japan's trade co-operation, etc. Fiji is the second biggest Pacific Islands after Papua New Guinea.

Fiji is home to many international/regional organisations and embassies, as well as the Japanese Embassy, which is also registered in several neighbouring states. In Fiji, Japan has extended its trade co-operation and there are often inter-country ministers' missions.

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The Fiji Site Maps is a site mapping specification used to superimpose markings and captions on an equiangular Fiji landmap. They are placed on the standard or similar chart according to degree of longitude and parallel. The following patterns use these terms when they are called using the "Fiji" parameter:

Pacific Environment Fiji

Based on the Adaptation Learning Mechanism, a know-how exchange forum created by UNDP in cooperation with the Global Environment Facility, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the World Bank and the United Nations Environment Programme. Countryprofiles: The UNCCD countryprofiles: The national evaluation reports: The Conference on Small Iceland Developing States (Barbados Conference, 1994), Fiji (2003; 396kb), emphasized the importance of the islands' biological diversity as an environmental channel connecting the most important areas of biological diversity worldwide.

Barbados' action plan recognises the importance of the coastline as a resource for livelihood and prosperity. Business reports: Catastrophes and climate variability in the Pacific Islands: The WORLD BANK regionale Bestandsaufnahme - Country Evaluation: see also: Topical evaluation reports: For the national plan for the prevention of marine pollution "NatPlan" see also Fiji Plan for the Characterisation and Management of Solid Waste (2000);

289kb ), the Basel Convention on the control of transboundary movements of dangerous wastes and their disposal (Basel Convention, 1989), the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) procedure for certain dangerous chemical substances and pesticides in International Trade (Rotterdam Convention, 1998) and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants and Pesticides (POPs) (Stockholm Convention, 2001) together form an intergovernmental context for the environment-friendly handling of dangerous chemical substances throughout their-lifecycle.

United Nations Conference on Development and the United Nations (UNCED, 1992) and the Rio Declaration underlined the need for sustained growth - social responsibility for the economy that safeguards the natural and environmental basis for the good of coming generation. One of the outcomes of the UNCED mechanism, the CBD (Convention on Biodiversity ) also underlines the need to preserve biodiversity, ensure the sustained use of its constituents and share fairly and equitably the advantages of the use of genetics.

For the fourth National Reports: see also the country profile of the UNCBD Secretariat. One of the outcomes of the UNCED mechanism, the CBD (Convention on Biodiversity ) underlines the need to preserve biodiversity, ensure the sustained use of its constituents and share fairly the advantages resulting from the use of natural and man-made sources.

See also UNCCD country profiles: and to alleviate the impact of droughts through nationwide programmes of intervention, which include long-term policies backed by internationally agreed co-operation and partnerships. UNFCCC (1992) addresses the issue of climate change and the associated increase in the level of the ocean, which can lead to floods in maritime areas and underwater isles that could have a negative impact on maritime populations.

While the original version of the agreement did not contain binding limit values for GHG discharges for specific countries and no implementing measures, it did contain rules for updating (so-called "protocols") that would establish binding ETS. WSSD's plan of action requires a sustained and integral approach to managing the resource basis.

To this end, it is necessary to reversing the present tendency to degrade naturally occurring ressources as soon as possible by implementing policies that incorporate objectives set at country and, where appropriate, region level to conserve eco-systems and integrate terrestrial, aquatic and live stock and at the same time strengthen the capacity at region, country and town.

Johannesburg Declaration and the World Summit on SDS Plan of Action (WSSD, 2002) reaffirmed the States' obligation to promote and reinforce the inter-dependent and inter-supportive columns of sustained growth - namely urban economy, socially responsible growth and the environment - at grassroots, domestic, regional as well as international level. FijiGovt "The Fiji Trust of Fiji (NTF), an institution co-financed by the Fijian government, unrelated donor and multilateral project partners, was founded in 1970 to ensure the preservation of Fiji's rich historical, political, cultural as well as historical heritages.

The only National Trust in the South Pacific area, it specialises in both the nature and culture of monument protection. "Fiji -MareqetiViti is Fiji's only national NGO dedicated exclusively to the preservation and sustained exploitation of Fiji's unparalleled nature heritages. Our goal is to inspire excitement and knowledge in all questions of nature protection and nature reserve and nature reserve managment by increasing the levels of nature protection, environment consciousness and environment education", see also:

and NGOs working in the field of environmental protection. see also:

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