Kauai Holiday Packages

Kyauai Holiday Packages

Cauai Vacation Rentals from the island guide for hospitality and luxury travel. Near the Kauai Aadheenam Hindu temple. The high season is during the winter holidays from December to March. The Garden Island, as Kauai is also called, is not the golf heaven it once was.


The natives will confirm that Kauai's best meal is homemade. When you get the chance to attend a meeting locally, don't miss it. Those who are so fortunate can count on the fruits, chicken (diced uncooked or squid), lomi-lomi sausage ( "fresh tomatoes " and lettuce of salmon) and pot (liquid, pureed taro).

There are many of Kauai's best food outlets in Kapaa. It' s not long before you realize that uncooked greenish is an ingredient in most of Hawaii' cuisine. For the best Kapaa has to show, visit Hukilau Lanai and, for a less expensive, more relaxed option, Pono Market.

Mexico's part in Hawaii's history is reflected in the wealth of Mexico's Kauai cuisine. There are no less than 20 Mexico restaurant on the islands, so there is always one there. Travelers on budgets should keep an eye on one of Kauai's favorite dining cars, most of which offer delicious delicacies at very affordable rates.

The Kauai is not only landscape and walking. There is also a lively and easily contagious indigenous cultural scene to discover, and there is no better place to enjoy it than the Coconut Marketplace, a well-known open-air retail event on the eastern seaboard. Find the ideal jewelry, try Kauai sea food or get some hand made presents for the whole home.

Hanalei, a tranquil coastal city, with irresistibly beautiful arts and crafts shops, is a great place to find this type of product on the north coast, as is the Harvest Market, probably the best health and beauty shop on the whole isle. Don't miss to stop in the middle of the paradise of shops and enjoy the beautiful mountains behind you.

In Kukuiula, South Coast shoppers can take advantage of a contemporary and traditional retail environment with more than 20 retail outlets that range from windsurfing boutiques to fine arts centers. Poipu, a high-end resorts with the famous Poipu Village, is less than 10mins. Village has many boutiques, galeries, surfing and more.

Enthusiasts of the markets will be thrilled by the Sunshine Markets, a mixture of colorful stands with the freshest regional products that can be found all over the entire length of the islands, opening one by one. No matter on which days of the weeks, somewhere on the isle there is a sunshine marquet.

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