The Owairaka

Is Owairaka a suburb of Auckland? History of Wairaka / Owairaka School tepeha / School Stories / Home Vairaka is an forefather of M?ori for the Mt Albert area of Auckland. Well-known as one of the fine girls of Toroa, chieftain of the Ngati Awa clan and master of M?tatua canoeing.

Vairaka is known throughout New Zealand for her courage. She' known as a powerful ruler of her own kind.

Vairaka was very potent and mighty because she was a guide. who gave wisdom to her fabulous humans. When she took her place as a director, these stressful times made things simpler and luckier for her family. A tale of Wairaka's courage is when she rescued the M?tatua and the Ngati Awa clan upon their arriving in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

At that time it was very'tapu' or holy to touch the canoe. Vairaka knew it had to be done. Vairaka was very courageous and very important and that is why she was recalled. She came to Auckland after this incident and settled in the area we now call Owairaka.

Both our schools and our mountains are known as Owairaka, which means that they belong to her or where she (Wairaka) has been. Vairaka was an important, mighty lady. It is a paradigm for all human beings and its memories still inspired us today.

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Mt Albert (M?ori: Owairaka or Te Puke-o-Ruarangi) is a vulcanic summit that overlooks the Mount Albert area. Situated in a park at the south end of the suburbs, the summit is 135 meters high and one of the many dead pins that cover the town of Auckland, which are all part of the Auckland volcano area.

It used to be the site of M?ori p?, a walled town. Due to large quarries, the size of the sculpture has been decreased by about 15 meters and its form has changed significantly, but some remains of M?ori, such as terraces, are still intact. Currently, the skittle is used for several playgrounds, an archers' association and a 31,500 m3 large pool in a south side dock.

Photos of Owairaka in the Auckland Libraries collection.

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