Vanuatu places

The Vanuatu Places

Tropical fish, warm water and the beautiful colours of corals embody every holiday in a tropical country. Recommended places to visit, whether you live in Vanuatu or not. Explore the exciting, fun and adventurous or historic places in Vanuatu. A map of southern Vanuatu highlighting the places mentioned in the text from the publication: Sundown bungalows best-places-to-eat-vanuatu. best-places-to-eat-vanuatu.


Vanuatu's main sights

Espiritu Santo is the biggest of the Vanuatu Islands, an surreal heaven for those who love the outdoors. It has a population of about 40,000 and extends for 60 km from southwest to northeast and 50 km from easterly to westerly. Luganville is the only international airfield on the islands, with non-stop services to Australia and New Zealand.

It is not very interesting, except that it is the only place on the isle where you can find grocery stores. There' s only one asphalt highway stretching from Luganville in the east to Port Olry in the west. Situated at the northern end of the isle, this small fishermen town is your characteristic Vanuatu town.

It' about 40 euro to stay here. Approximately 12 km southwards of Port Olry are the wonderful Lonnoc and Champagne sands. These are the most wonderful of Vanuatu's sands. Lonnoc Beach Bungalows and Lonnoc Beach Lodge are ideal if you want to stay overnight.

In order to get to Champagne Beach you have to buy about 4 Euro (500 Vatu). However, Lonnoc Beach is free of charge. The Espiritu Santo has a number of caverns known as " blue holes ". They' re very close to the others (25 minutes walk) and about 18 km from Luganville on the east coast.

Admission is 4 Euro (500 vatus) per capita. The Oyster Islands is a great place for a full time outing. It has several sandy spots on the islands and several bungalow and restaurant for lunches. The Oyster Islands is quite pricey, so if you travel on a reasonable price, I wouldn't recommend to spend the time.

It is only a few hundred metres from the shores of the "Riri" and "Matevulu" blueholes. You can hire a canoe and make your own way to Oyster Iceland to get there. One interesting fact about the isle to get there, you have to go to the opposite bank of the isle and ring a giant ring.

Throughout World War II and after the Pearl Harbor assault, Americans moved to several strategically important places in the Pacific, among them Vanuatu. Throughout World War II and after the Pearl Harbor assault, Americans moved to several strategically important places in the Pacific, among them Vanuatu.

Situated in the heart of Vanuatu, Efate Iceland is the main city of the state of Port Vila. When I arrived in Vanuatu, tired and tired, I was still motivating myself to discover the innumerable places of nature on the isle. Only a few kilometers from the city of Port Vila. Mele Waterfall's falls with their crystalline waters are incredible and one of the most important touristic attraction on the isle.

The entry fee is 2000 VAT (16 euros) and I suggest that you come there in the mornings, as the day light will pass another mound in the afternoons and it will quickly get chilly in the shadow. Situated near the Mele Falls, Summit Garden is a beautiful and inexpensive place for lunches.

If not, you can take a cab from Port Vila to avoid the hassle. Like Espiritu Santo's Efateue Lagoon is an extended interior sea with clear water. It is possible to arrive by coach (500 vatus/4 Euro) from Port Vila or between 3.000 and 4.000 from Port Vila by cab (25-30 Euro).

Admission is 500 V. Situated only 20 min from Port Vila, this secluded little village is famous for its wonderful sandy beach and fantastic dive site. Efate is crossed by ferry and you will find a place on the islands to dine and stay overnight if you are interested.

Vanuatu has two seasons: the wet period from December to April and the arid period from May to November. Flights to Vanuatu: Due to its position and the few carriers that fly from Europe to Vanuatu, the rates are approximate (1500/2000 Euro).

I suggest booking a plane back to Australia for great offers, which you can find around 800 Euro. From Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne there will be air connections directly to Vanuatu with Air Vanuatu and Fiji Airways. It is recommended that you take at least two to three week to explore Vanuatu and have enough free space to see several isles of the artic.

1 Vatu / 1 Euros = 122 vatu. Where' re you going to live in Vanuatu? Efate and Espiritu Santo are easy to find tourist accommodations. Campers in Vanuatu? I' ve found some information on the topic and the accomodation in Vanuatu can be costly. Every place I asked if I could put up my marquee permitted me.

For example I payed 1000 VAT (8 Euro) per overnight at the "Lonnoc Island Bungalow" and the Oyster Island Resort gave me permission to go camping on the shore. Espiritu Santo: There is a local transport service that runs twice a daily on the North-South route. The price was 500 visas (4 euros).

Also there are many cabs, but the costs are higher, between 3,000 and 5,000 VAT (30-40 euros) for the same journey. Efate: Efate is a nine-seat shuttleservice that crosses the town according to the chosen travel destinations. In order to get one is very easy, mark it, it will stop, tell it your goal and it will charge you 150 fatu (1.20), whatever your goal, 500 metres or more. between the islands:

There' s a ferry named Big Sista that goes to Espiritu Santo (and back ) twice aweek to stop on different isles. It is a full excursion and is 8000 VAT (65 euros). It is also possible to take Air Vanuatu between the different isles ('120 from Espiritu Santo to Efate / one way).

ATM merchants are almost entirely in Port Vila and Luganville, so be sure to get enough money when you get there.

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