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When you are satisfied with the Air Vanuatu flight found for you, refine your search with the filters offered. Bushwalking Tour from Port Vila. Zipline trek in Vanuatu from Port Vila. Vanuatu Air offers amazing discounts on air ticket bookings. Simple online booking for your Air Vanuatu flight.

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Because of some reasons, our plane was late and then canceled. The plane departed on schedule and the services on board were effective. I' m two and a half hour behind schedule from Port Vila to Norsup. On the next morning the plane from Norsup to Santo was 3.5 hrs later. Flights and landings were good. Please register 24 hrs before your departure.

Avi Vanuatu - simply wow.

Flying test: Vanuatu to Vanuatu on Air Vanuatu

You can enjoy the tan on Vanuatu in just over three hrs from Auckland. Every Tuesday Air Vanuatu's extra services between Auckland and Port Vila offer four flights to get away from the cold temperatures of the cold winters. Vanuatu Air operates four flights a weekly between Auckland and Port Vila.

in the air: Three-hour fifteen minute period. We didn't have a full plane back, so there were many empty lines for tired travelers who could adjust from insular times to the real world. Vanuatu Air Vanuatu operates to 29 Vanuatu Airport. It'?s feed time: Vanuatu Air has its own downloadable application for your phone, iPad or other device that gives you free Wi-Fi connectivity to a variety of TV shows, radios and a variety of Vanuatu-documentations. However, you must get in before you can fly.

Unfortunately nobody ever spoke to us about it before the plane took off, so I spend most of the trip looking over the boy next to me's shoulders and trying to listen to stories about Modern Family and New Girl. Beverages will be served for the entire time of the trip.

We' re kept up to date about the finish line and despite some turbulences we arrive a few moments earlier than planned at a mild 28 degrees Celsius (thanks, tail wind). Additional points for the escort who tidied up the puking passengers on our way back. You really don't need any bells and whistles for such a low-cost, brief outing.

Vanuatu Air operates four flights a weeks between Auckland and Port Vila; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday duty, however, is seasonally from July to October. Vanuatu Air also provides children's rates.

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