Visit Vanuatu

Come and visit Vanuatu

The prince is visiting Vanuatu, where his dad had a particular past. "Philip is a taboo man to her - personal, but with traits and forces that make him holy," Matthew Baylis, the English writer of Man Belong Mrs Queen: The Philip Worshippers, who were spending the night with the locals, shared their experiences with the ABC. "A group of poeple who live around the Yaohnanen town on Tanna have an old myth that describes a group of soldiers who abandoned the Isle to wage battle to defend and safeguard their ancestors.

The Tannesian tribe is thought to have been strongly connected to Prince Philip through this act, considering him a natural portrayal of the old captain of warriors who returned home with his beloved Queen Elizabeth II. "At Tanna, conventional beliefs are a 24/7 situation," Mr. Huffman said to ABC.

"For them, Prince Philip reigns England with the Queen's help and supports a tradition of living. The 96-year-old Duke of Edinburgh has largely withdrawn from civil service last year and is retiring after a hips operation at the beginning of this year.

However, despite his old age the villagers believe that one of these days he will come back to Tanna, probably in a spirit. "There is no such thing as Death as we know it on Tanna, in a way there is soul recycling," Mr. Huffman commented. "There is no beginning and no end. Prince Philip is only one limb in a continuous and never-ending series... there is no beginning and no end.

" However, while Prince Charles' visit to Vanuatu will delight the natives, Mr Huffman said that it is unlikely that the village people will have a similar connection with the Prince of Wales. "It is interesting that Prince Charles did not appear in the tales at all, he does not play a role in them," he said.

"They are all fixed on Prince Philip.

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