What to take to Samoa

Things to take with you to Samoa

One- or two-piece swimsuits are acceptable in tourist areas away from the village. Shall we take cash and then exchange it when we get to the airport in Samoa or the city? Canadian government travel advice for Samoa. Avoid short bikinis and hardly any strings; the Samoan custom requires modesty.

Fewer clothes more posture

That old saw is half the clothing and twice the cash. Create a feeling of excitement and readiness to try new things. The Samoa is not very demanding and not everything works as well as it would in an inexpensive spa.

However, being a thoughtful guest is a key part of the Samoan way, so with a little bit of toleration for another range of preferences you will have a great time. When wearing cycling trousers, either carry a baggy bag or use your own cycling short. Lightweight tights make bathing easy whenever you want.

Your travel guide (included with all travel reservations and also available separately) contains a more detailed checklist and suggestions for travel arrangements. It' re rewarding to prepare for some small things, and in most cases we have ways to help with the rental of equipment. Please note that the Internacional Park is close to our bases and terminals, but one hours from Apia.

When you travel to Savaii, you will come to Apia only at the end of the journey (if at all). The Salelologa is just a city on Savaii and will be shut until your arrival on a Saturday. Feel free to take your own bike and seat, but most will find our comfort seats the best choice.

None for sell in Savaii and very few in Apia. Please take your own with you or rent from us. Router fees from New Zealand and Australia in Samoa were unaffordable, but ask your ISP as some of them now charge $5 a day. And the best value for most folks will be to get a real live subscriber card into their telephone.

When you miss the aerodrome, the only other possibilities are Salelolga and Apia (with their restricted hours). In Samoa there is almost no free WLAN. The new Samoa line, which is now in operation, will reduce the price of the web, but as most of the web is sold through 4G, the best way by far is to buy a locally available simplex map.

It' always a good suggestion to take a padlockable case with you. Also, some folks like to keep their wallets and phones in a small safe that can be enclosed in chevrons. These are for rent and sales. Whilst filled potable is available at all resort and some stores, a high grade potable is simpler in your bag and probably more dependable.

Rental of rental material is only available to those who book a route or rent a bicycle. Rental items billed prior to departure will be billed in NZ$. Ask for the rental of your own rental car when you confirm your route. Also see rental bicycles for bicycle rental prices and detail.

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