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Find out why Maui's best sightseeing activities from the Haleakala Sunrise Tour to Iao Valley State Park, Lahaina Town and Kaanapali Beach visit. You' re in for a good round or two. Would you like to find out why people say "Maui no ka oi" or Maui is the best? Holidays with Oahu & Maui Air & Hotels. Only the best offers are recommended and we can confirm their price and availability.

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The offer contains hotel, inter-island flights, breakfasts & tax..... You' ll have an adventurous experience in the sandbeach, green valley and volcano. We have a team of dealers who research, rate and test tens of thousand stores to find the ones of real value. Only the best offers are recommended and we can verify their prices and availabilities.

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Among the 11,851 welcome packages offered by a number of car hire companies in Maui, you will find a car that meets your needs. Every listing on our affiliate sites is instantly benchmarked by our algorithms to help you cut costs by up to 42%. You can use the filter to find a suitable property for rent among the 11,851 properties in Maui.

The Maui is the right place to make a reservation if you want to get out with some TV or need to get connected to the net during your holiday, as the most common services are "TV" and "Internet". "You can even make comparisons and find rents if you are travelling with your pets (64 rents includes "pets allowed" in Maui) or if you wish to rent with a chimney (54 rents in Maui includes "fireplaces").

To give you a better insight into the rates in Maui, we have presented the pricing information in the above graphic. The following chart shows the holiday home's availablility for the next twelve month. On the other hand, in April (4/27 - 5/4) the highest proportion of lettings is available. Of the 11,851 properties in Maui, 9,351 apartments are for rent.

In addition, this special kind of real estate is ideal for medium-sized groups and homes, as the vast majority of rented apartments can accommodate groups of 5 people. Other accommodations in Maui can also be considered. Another common real estate category is, for example, home rental with 1,868 objects for comparison. We have found that the default rental rate is $768 per room per day for an area of 1,790ft².

Maui is a beautiful Hawaiian town known for its unbelievable gold sand dunes, varied scenery and sunny-evenings. Outside adventure includes hiking, surfing and snorkelling. Enjoy a stunning holiday in one of the many Maui holiday accommodations available in this beautiful area, and choose between thrilling adventure and relaxed seaside retreat.

Condominium is a great way to comfortably explore this stunning little isle. Getting to Maui is simple and comfortable. Coming by plane, you will probably reach Kahului in Maui, the biggest and only foreign airports in Maui, on the edge of Kahului on the Isle of Maui.

There are several ways to get to other places on the isle. Kahului, the biggest town on Maui, is fast and simple to get to from the international airports, which are only 2.5 leagues from the citycenter. There is a possibility to take a coach from the airfield, e.g. lines 35 and 40, which will take you directly to the town.

There are a number of buses from Kahului if you want to go to other places on the isle. There is also the possibility to take a cab, an airportbus or a rented vehicle from the Aiport. From Molokai, the second biggest isle of the province, you will need a cab, shuttle service or hire vehicle to get to your town.

The Maui Islands offer Pacific cooking with the fresest of Hawaii' cuisines. A few delights are the meat of cattle reared on Maui's highland meadows, various fruits and veggies cultivated on an abundance of vulcanic soils, and an amazing diversity of shellfish from the wonderful turquois water that surrounds the isle. Spoil yourself with the varied Maui kitchen and marvel at the tasty meal it serves.

The city is famous for its unbelievable winter and summer temperatures. It is a great place to make the most of this wonderful scenery, with its stunning sandy beach, clear, moderate waters and fabulous itineraries. For those who want to be further away from the shore, take a snorkel trip to Molokini Island, off the shore of Maui, where you can see some of the best places of interest in the state.

An unbelievable number of walking paths are also available for those on the go, which includes hikes in Haleakal? National Parks, a volcano reserve in the east of Maui, the lovely West Maui Mountains and the Iao Valley, a favourite place for its position in the midst of stunning mountain fortresses. The Maui is known worldwide for its unbelievable miracles of nature.

Maui is a great place to see volcanoes, rainforests and other geographic areas. Go on a trip to the vulcano Haleakal?, a huge and wonderful formaton the east side of Maui. A further awesome nature site is the wonderful Red Sand Beach, also at the east end of Maui. The Maui Ocean Center, with its tidal basin, submerged tunnels and sharks, is the perfect place to observe the state' s sea creatures.

Anything you want to see in this unbelievable area, a Maui holiday home makes exploring the state and its many attractions as simple as possible every day. Situated in the Haleakala National Park, this scenic four-mil walk offers admission to some of the most scenic falls on the isle.

It is a wonderful place with sparkling fresh water brooks and swimming pool. There is no excursion to Maui without discovering the wonderful coast. Once considered the best in America, with its crystalline water and a three mile long stretch of fine sands. You can enjoy an extraordinary panorama view over the whole isle from this one-of-a-kind vantage point.

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