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Beach Resort Manuia

Walk down our hibiscus-clad entrance and you will find some of Rarotonga's best dining in the immediate vicinity of the area. Bright turquoise waters, a beautiful sandy spot and beautiful beaches and beautiful tropic yards surround our small and private 4-star shop area. There are only 24 French styled outdoor or seaside suite separated by sandy avenues.

Our renowned sandy ground "OTB (On the Beach) Restaurante and Bar" with a view of the freshwater inflinity swimming pools offers a delicious blend of South Pacific cooking in reed-covered cottages. Every day from 4 - 6 pm, Wednesday and Saturday evening - Saturday evening our popular barbecue bar with life insularmusik.

We offer our visitors a life-changing adventure with a quiet and peaceful ambience and our pleasant team. For the purpose of upholding Manuia' s seaside charms as a secluded..... getaway... romantics-resort, kids under 16 years are not allowed to remain. One of the first seaside destinations (then known as Arorangi Hotel ), with a large number of beaches to chose from, was the precursor of today's Manuia beach residence.

Manuia Beaches Manuia Beaches offers the following services in the room price: OTB (On the Beach) Restaurant & Bar and the beautiful sea front are at the heart of this area. It is open for breakfasts, lunches and dinners and an option for half and full meals is available in advance.

You can have lunch in the restaurants or on thepooldeck. The Manuia Resort is all about relaxing and recharge. Your policies of not entertaining visitors under the ages of 16 guarantee a certain degree of serenity. Kayaking and snorkeling equipment is available for exploring the lake (beach cloths are provided) and there is a booksharing area.

There is a TV lounges for those who want to keep up to date with the latest news from around the globe. If you are looking for complete rest, upon arrival at Manuia Resort you will quickly feel that you do not have to vacate the estate for any occasion, unless it is for a long stroll on the shore at noon.

Rarotonga is, however, known as a place where visitors can discover, eat and gamble in a variety of area. Lately, Manuia Beach has launched a new class of VIPs in 1 Beachfront and 1 Garden Suite, which has been well accepted by our customers and, in addition to the standard Manuia Beach inclusive lists, offers additional amenities for our customers:

The Manuia Beach Estate has recently added another improvement, the possibility of a premium garden suite and beachfront suite upgrading to Avaloq. Each suite is the same sized in all classes. All Garden Suite are situated in the area between the 6 Beachfront Suite and the Reception.

Premium Garden Suite is available for a minimal of 2 nights. The VIP Premium Garden Suite has a 3-night min. duration of residence. Beacheside suites: The beachside suite is divided into 3 distinct dual sessions along the resort's seafront promenade. All of them overlook the swimming pools and terraces, the beaches, the lagoons, the reef and the sea behind; they are an absolutely perfect wardrobe for a sunset.

Few places on Rarotonga give the resort's residents such an astonishing sense of relax and well-being as the porch of the Beachfront Suites at Manuia Beach Resort. Arrival to and from Manuia Beach Estate. Incoming passengers will be picked up at the Manuia Beach Reserve International Airports and brought to the destination by car.

Round insular busses stop at the end of Resort Drives. Children under 16 years of age are not allowed as a guest at Manuia Beach. All delayed check-outs are only possible on demand and cannot be warranted by the resort more than 24 hrs before depart.

Delayed checkout charges are to be paid directly by the customer to the resort.

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