Sunset Stewart Island

Stewart Island Sunset

Stewart Island Picture : Sundown at the lighthouse on Stewart Island, San Juan Islands, WA. Houston Stewart Island Dawn and Sunset 16- ??? Astronomical Dawn: Nautic twilight: Zivile twilight: The hours are all Houston Stewart Island clocks.

If necessary, the daylight saving period is adapted. A partial solar eclipse can be seen in Houston Stewart Island on 11 ??? Houston Stewart Island has noon at ???????. Will it be dark, dusky and dusky?

Sunset at Fortrose and an adventurous trip to Stewart Island

Well, we were awarded last evening with a wonderful sunset here at Fortrose. We started from here to Invercargill for the nights and to organize our journey to Stewart Island. Forecasts for the next 10 nights are bad, but it looks good to cross Foveauxstraße in the morning.

We are on the early bird watching boat to Stewart Island on Monday (7.11.). There is a $135 round trip to the island and yes, you must make both a reservation for the boat and your lodging before you leave the island, especially during the peak travel period, which runs from late October to March.

It was not possible to spend 3 days in a row in the only hotel on the island (South Sea Hotel) or in one of the mochas. We have a number of streams that can also be rented on the island, but we have chosen to spend the night at Bunkers-Bakpackers. Lance and I both liked to mix with all the young, lively backpack tourists and agreed that it would be our favorite place to live if we were to return (we didn't really want to go).

This will give you a brief overview of the island and the location of the country. It' quite practical just to be on the island for a few nights. It only takes 1 hour and since the island has only 25 km of roads, it is enough a day.

Commenting on the trip around Oban (don't wink, you can see that when coming from the ferry) we went to Observation Pt and further on to several coves, among them Lee Bay and the Rakiura National Park Gateway. Today many backpack tourists were on the Rakiura Track.

That' s a fact of the afternoon, there are 382 constant inhabitants of Stewart Island. We started for the Horseshoe Bay Tracks in the mornings. On the way from Oban to Bathing Bay, the wonderful mouth of Mill Creek, then to the starting point of the course in Bragg Bay. It is a well-tended, breathtaking path that winds around the coastline to a few remote coves with splendidly clear, cool waters and a view of the Foveaux Straits.

We saw a short hike down to Dead Man Beaches (probably my favorite spot on this stretch) and saw traces of stags in the sands. It would be a fantastic view from here to Foveaux Strait and back to Horsehsoe Bay on a beautiful, clear sunny afternoon, but today should not be like that.

Follow the street past Lonnekers and Leask Bay and onto another beautiful coast path. Part of this route leads through privately owned lands. Harrold Bay is home to a stone house that the American whaler Lewis Acker erected in 1835. He made a name for himself in New Zealand as a hard-working boat builder, agriculturist and coast trader.

From here the way goes to the light house (more like a lamp) at Ackers Pt. It overlooks the Foveaux Strait and the isles. From here we could run around the cliffs to the Ringaringa bath. Finally we make it back to the shore, without fractured bone, just to open the sky and take a slash.

On Wednesday (9.11.) we take the boat to Ulva Island. Kiwi (wenn Sie Glück haben) Wekas, Kakas, Tuis, Bellbirds, Grey Warblers, riflemans, Fantails, Tomtits, Stewart Island Robins, South Island Saddlebacks................................................................................................................................................................................... Not all of them were photographed, but I did manage to get a picture of the South Island Saddleback, Wekas, Kakariki, Stewart Island Robin and I think a tomtit, but the judges are out there, maybe someone can tell me if it's that or not (see photo).

A backpacker from Bunkers had a go for a kiwis stroll the previous morning. And we also ran into a pair who got on the boat when we got there and said they had a kiwifruit stroll in front of them today?. We have the 3:30 p.m. boat back to the shore on Thursday.

We said goodbye this mornings to one of our backpacker Brando Yealvich (Wildboy Adventures). He has already circled the North and South Islands of New Zealand and began his round-the-world trip around Stewart Island today. Now, it's up and down to get the most out of our last days, the Fushia Track behind the backpack tourists up to Golden Bay.

We hike along the coast path to Deep Bay - Ringaringa and the Reverand Wohlers Monument. Magnificent view over Patterson Inlet and from here to Native Island. This is a detour through the golf course to the other end of Ringaringa Strand, then a brief interesting bushwalk up and over to Lonnekers Bay.

It' goodbye to the lovely Stewart Island. It blows 25 kts and a 2 meter high sea state, let's see how good this shuttle is? is.

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