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Use this Oahu travel guide to plan your Oahu vacation. Oahu Travel is your personal on-demand travel guide for Oahu tours. If you have any questions, our local guides will answer them on the road. Windward Oahu Guide gives you expert advice on the best attractions, restaurants, hotels and more. These are tips for visiting Hawaii's top tourism destination.

Kauai Creeper

Bienvenidos in Oahu. And nowhere else in Hawaii can you find the kind of biodiversity that permeates this isle. Oahu, appropriately called "The Gathering Place", is an incomparable crucible with many different cuisines. Oahu, Hawaii's most populous of islands, is a personalized world. It is a place where towns and countryside live side by side, providing the best of both worlds for both the visitor and the resident.

Explore the popular Oahu beach with many outdoor pursuits and then walk to the unspoilt and lonely tropic shores encircled by falls, luscious greens and creeks. Take a few laps on some of the world's most sought-after greens, windsurf in Waikiki, where the game of the King has its origins, or walk Diamond Head for world-famous outlooks.

On your cool and pleasant nights, take a brief South Coast coastline coast-to-coast cove-visit, dine in one of Honolulu's five-star Honolulu dining establishments, try an Oahu Lauau or indulge in one of the many night activities, from private indigenous musical shows to Broadway entertainment. No matter what your insular passions, Oahu can adapt.

It is the city of Honolulu, the home of almost 900,000 people and the center of Hawaii's world. The Oahu has a surface area of 607. Oahu is just below the Tropic of Cancer, 2,390 leagues east of San Francisco, California and one of the most isolated places in the world.

It is the third biggest of the 8 large islands in Hawaii, but it is home to 75% of the state' s people. The refrigeration trade works miracles to keep the islands comfortably intact. The visitor loves the hot temperatures of the coast water, which lie between 76 and 78 degree (24.4-25.5 C) on averages.

The Oahu region is home to two huge mountains, the Koolau Mountains, which extend along the north-eastern side, and the Waianae Mountains, which lie to the northwest. Oahu's great variety of sandy areas is one of the reasons why Oahu attracts so many visitors. Select from 139 Oahu beach, each with its own taste and charm.

Oahu's world-famous north coast offers a range of beautiful sandy areas that are a destination for travellers from all over the globe. The Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Seaside are large surfing areas in the overwinterm. Beautiful Waimea Bay is a great example of Oahu's binary - this sandy area can be as quiet as a children's swimming area in the summers, but with 6-12m of wave in the winters.

Waikiki, a one and a half miles long sandy area on the south coast of Oahu, is without a doubt the most popular tourist resort in Hawaii. Walk along Waikiki's lively boulevards, where you'll find everything from cool gourmet food and surf classes to five-star restaurants, glamourous nightclubs and world-class shops. The Waikiki's International Marketplace offers everything from handmade copper dishes and jewellery from Hawaii to huge bronzes and historical architectural styles in Honolulu.

Diamond Head, the most popular symbol on Waikiki Beach, is a 231 metre high, dead volcano summit that is walked by thousands of people every day. There are more stores and places to eat in Oahu than all the other isles put together. The diversity is infinite - from the sophisticated Ala Moana and Royal Hawaiian Centers to the trendy International Marketplace, which offers art and handicrafts from all over the Pacific region, Oahu is a shoppers' wonder.

Attracting people from all over the world, from inexpensive memorabilia to some of the most beautiful arts on the islands, they will have no problem to find presents for their loved ones at home and unforgettable memories of their journey to the city. Haleiwa on the north coast offers an exquisite blend of fashionable fashion stores and cosy stores. Where better to browse than it is in the Hawaiian capital, where the game of the King was created?

Hawaiians surfed on long, hard wooden planks, but then the game almost became extinct after the West's exposure. Hawaii an iconic surfer, the famous surfer's ancestor, the medal winner of the Olympics, Duke Kahanamoku, embodies Hawaii' surfer skills and was associated with the global popularisation of sports in the 1920'. Born from Duke and other famous "Beach Boys of Hawaii", the windsurfing scene was relentless and still thrives today.

North Shore is a Mecca for hard-core windsurfers who want to go to the limits of what is possible. Head to the north coast in November or December to attend the famed surfing contest at the Banzai Pipeline, known as the Crown of Surfing Tour. Waikiki Beach, Ala Moana and Diamond Head are the best choice for those who enjoy less severe, less frightening winds.

Body boarders and body surfers like the flat pauses at a favourite place named Sandy's, but this is not for newcomers. Windsurfer and kitesurfer stay at Kailua Bay on the lower side of the wind of the island, where there is a lot of wind and draft. The Pearl Harbor is the most frequented place on Oahu and honors the spirits who died that year.

Sightsee the USS Arizona Memorial in honour of over 1,100 US fighters who have been murdered, the USS Missouri, the place where the USS handover papers were autographed, and the USS Bowfin, one of only 15 existing World War II USSs. Why is Oahu special? The Oahu is an isle that does justice to all human beings.

Honolulu is the eleventh biggest town in the USA and the only major town in Hawaii to offer a wide range of different types of activity, from easy to challenging. Whichever destination you are visiting on Oahu, you will be sure to find breathtaking scenery, scenic tropics and a rich cuisine. Oahu is a place to go for its unmatched blend of sands, surfing, arts and cultures.

Be it Iolani Castle, the only regal castle in the land, with Diam Summ in Chinatown, on a jetty off Diamond Head or on a scenic walk under the stars, Oahu offers a truly memorable and memorable holiday time. Selecting Oahu as your travel destinations in Hawaii is not only because it's enjoyable, but also economic.

And Oahu is also seen as your best wager for the successful conclusion of a cheap holiday.

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