Bora Bora area

The Bora Bora area

We' d be more interested in staying off the beaten track and spending time in less tourist areas. The Dolphin Resort Area, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. Hammocks on the beach and low Moroccan sofas and tables in the lounge area reflect the relaxed atmosphere of Bora Bora. Bora Bora Resort Four Seasons Locations, prices, amenities: Expert Bora Bora research, hotel and travel index only. Like Bora Bora Area HotelsSee More.

Exploration of the Bora Bora Bora Bora area

The majority of the inhabitants of Bora Bora are living on the shallow coastline that surrounds the isle. A cobbled circular route leads along the coast and into and out of the coves. Since the street is only 32 km long, many people see it by bike (allow yourself a whole day), roller or automobile.

A 15 -minute scenic trip over Bora Bora and its Laguna will be charged at around 16,300CFP (US$204/£103) per capita. Alternatively, if you have never seen an igloo and are not flying to the Tuamotu Islands, consider a 30-minute trip via Bora Bora and to Tupai, a ring of shallow islands that includes a shallow water lake just off Bora Bora; the costs are around 27,000CFP (US$338/£171) per se.

The Polynesia Hélicoptères also offers transfer services between Bora Bora and Le Taha'a Private Island & Spa off Tahaa. Whether by car or bicycle, you should start at the small marina in Vaitape, the only city in Bora Boras and its administration centre. It is the centre of Vaitape's attraction as Air Tahiti, the cruisers and shuttles from the Motu Toopua Resort (the large island off the coast) are landing their people there.

You will find the postal service on the right side of the mountain, but most of your commercial activities take place just outside the port, especially in the contemporary Centre Commercial La Pahia. After six years, the Napoleon brought his ash back to his favourite Bora Bora isle. Starting from the harbour, hike through Vaitape to the south and visit the large Roman Catholic temple at the foot of Mount Pahia.

Having followed the banks of the semi-circular bay of Povai, the street rises to the small promontory, where a giant Banyana can be seen marking the entry to the Hotel Bora Bora at Raititi Point, and then follows the sweeping Matira Beach, one of the most beautiful in French Polynesia. Several of the best snorkelling spots on the islands are located in the sandy flats in front of the sandy beaches.

Humans have houses on the other side of the street, but the shore itself is still remarkable underdeveloped. At the southern end of the street follows the shore and then turns sharp forwards. Look out for a small cobbled street to the right. To Matira Point, the low, sand and coconut-covered promontory that stretches from the southern end of Bora Bora.

On this route there is a shore on the western side of the penninsula, opposite the InterContinental Le Moana Resort. At this point the laguna is flat up to the shore, but the bottom is slippery and sand. The first time I came to Bora Bora in 1977, I spent a whole weekend camping at Matira Point; the InterContinental Le Moana Resort is now just one of many buildings in what was then an almost uninhabited coir forest entirely encircled by an unspoilt sands.

From A Killer View -- The circular route winds along the shores of Povaiay, where Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia overlook you. Spend some leisurely hours along this cove; the view here is the best on Bora Bora. There is a cliffy path that starts at a staircase on the side of the hill and leads up to a viewpoint over the coves.

A further path branches off to the right on the northern side of the mound and leads to Aehautai Marae, one of several ancient churches on Bora Bora. You' ll cross a long section of coir plantation before reaching Anau, a typically Polish town with a large temple, a general shop and metal rooftop sheds.

The Anau dock is for yachts to and from Le Meridien Bora Bora and the InterContinental Resort and the Thalasso Spa Bora Bora Bora, whose above-water bungalow you will see on Motu Pitiaau. St. Regis Resort Bora Bora and Four Seasons Bora Bora Bora are to join them.

It crosses two mounds at Point Haamaire, the most eastern point of the major isle, about 4 km northern of Inau. Aehautai Marae, a renovated sanctuary, is located between the two mounds on the side of the water. Taharuuu Marae lies on the top, from where you have a great look at the lake.

Once you have turned off at the most northern point, you will cross a group of surface vaults and another group of homes climbing the hills. A number of them are costly condos, the others are part of an abandoned property that should have been a Hyatt residence. Opposite the Laguna are Motu Mute and the airfield.

It' not signposted, but the U.S. Navy's Seabees constructed the dockyard on the northern bank as a dockyard. There are graves in which members of the former Bora Bora princely dynasty are grave. When you look off the coast at this point, you will see the only passage into the Laguna. Magasin Chin Lee is an important meeting place for the inhabitants when entering Vaitape.

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