Boat from Lahaina to Lanai

From Lahaina to Lanai by boat

We specialize in close encounters with humpback whales off Lahaina Shores. It was well equipped with snorkeling equipment, crew to explain where to go and how to use the equipment. You leave Maui on a specially designed boat to bypass one of its closest neighbours - Lanai Island. but I' m gonna try. Boat trips are ideal for small groups and holidays, snorkelling and more.

Lahaina Ferry Shuttles - Lanai Forum

Take the boat from Lahaina to Lana`i. There is a shuttleservicebus on every boat. You can either take the shuttles to Manele Bay or to the lodge in Koele, the two 4 Seasons Estates on the Isle. After paying the approximately $10 days, the transfer will take you between the two destinations, with a stopover in Lana`i City.

This is my normal information about a full days out to Lana`i without jeep rental: You can also take the boat and go snorkeling on the beach of Hulopo'e (where the trilogy goes). It' only a 10 minutes walking distance from the boat-station. Maui snorkeling equipment must be hired from Maui, as there is none on Lana'i.

You can also search for cetaceans ( "in season") and sharks from the boat, with the difference that the boat does not get out of the way to look better. On Lana'i you can also make a lovely little walk to Pu'u Pehe Overlook (Sweetheart Rock), where you have a great view of Maui and Kaho'olawe.

You can also find great tide swimming areas around the beaches. The Ocean Grill offers a great view, although it is quite pricey. You can also take a picknick and eat directly on the shore. There is a daily ticket for the shuttles that the resort offers on the isle.

Situated at the boat landing stage for all boat arrives, it goes to Manele Bay, stopping at Hotel Lana'i in Lana'i City (from where you can visit the small city - lunches and shopping and galleries) and ends at the lodge in Koele. Depends on the resort occupation and daytime, it leaves every 30-60 mins.

All I' m telling you is that you'll have such a good fun on Lana'i that you won't want to go back to Maui at the end of the game. Here some information about Lana`i City: Finally you can visit Lana`i City. It is a small city, easy to reach on feet.

Local Gentry has very beautiful clothing for men and woman. The city has a few art gallery that have some of the most prominent works of art. Mike Carroll Gallery and Jordanne Gallery are great, and both exhibit their work on a regular basis in the lobby hotels. There' s also a beautiful Lana`i Art Center with works by many different performers and art supply for those who are looking for inspiration.

Lana`i Beach Walks is another newer shop with beach wear, crocs, presents and leisure wear. Lana`i Hotel in the city is a small, inexpensive and entertaining place to be. The Lana`i Culture and Heritage Center was only opened in 2010.

Situated in the old Dole administration buildings (to the opposite of the Lana`i Hotel), it is open Monday - Friday from 9 am to 3 am and Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm. There are several other places to eat in town: Pele's Other Garden (during the afternoon delicatessen, late afternoon dinner with tasty pastas and big pizza), Blue Ginger Cafe with tasty Mahi burger and regional dishes, Lana`i canoes also with regional dishes (breakfast and lunches only), Cafe 565 with a sandwich andizza and Lana`i City Grill (formerly Henry Clays) at the Lana`i with excellent game and roast chickens.

There is also a candy/ice creams store named Sweetest Days (the pinapple cone is great ), a new Lana'i Poke Market and a café named Sweetest Works. Lana`i City Grill rates are close to those in all of the restaurants (but also the dining quality), but the other places in the city are cheaper.

Pele's and Lana'i City Grill are the only places in the city with beers, wines and alcohol, and of course both resort have full-service pubs. The Lana`i City Grill also offers Friday evening free of charge real time entertainment. Enjoy your time in Lana`i.

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