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Telephone Norfolkinsel

Phone numbers in Norfolk Island. Picture courtesy of Norfolk Tourism . Get a deep breath and dive into the sides of our island life, Norfolk Island. I' m trying to create a new account in gmail and it won't send a verification code to a Norfolk Island phone number. Landline telephone with copper twisted pair cable and fibre optic cable.

Phone numbers in Norfolkinsel

Norfolk Island: Numbers have the +672 3 2 XXX size. The cell phone numbers have the size +672 3 5 XXX. The +672 was initially allocated to Portuguese Timor until it was adopted by Indonesia in 1975. This is also used for the Australian Antarctic Territory, whose numbers are in area 1.

It was also used for Christmas Island and the Cocos Keeling Islands until October 1994 (including area code 2 and 4) when they were moved to the +61 prefix 091 (using the 62 for Christmas Island and 64 for the Cocos Islands). In the meantime, these numbers have been moved to 08 9162 and 08 9164 respectively.

That Norfolk Island story is a blunt one. Do you know that item about phone numbers?

Dock Norfolkinsel Mobile Network

At Norfolk Telecom, we offer a prepaid cellular telephone line that operates on a 2G GSM broadband carrier system. You can use this feature when purchasing a locally available Jim. This only works if your telephone is NOT included in a schedule, so make sure you check with your operator to make sure your cell is not blocked before you bring your telephone to Norfolk Island. Locally available at Norfolk Telecom, Pawpaw's PUM Shed, The Trading Post and various other points of sale on Norfolk Island for $20, including a $10 pre-installed balance.

If you have any questions, please contact Norfolk Telecom's New Cascade Road offices. There' s an online café on Hauptstraße and most cafés provide free Wi-Fi areas where you can buy a pre-paid coupon for your notebook. Norfolk Telecom and associated hotspot sites on the island have Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity available.

The majority of cafes and nightclubs have wireless internet and most accommodations and hostels provide ADSL services or wireless hotspot acces. Pre-paid hotspot vouchers can be bought from Norfolk Telecom and at various points of sale on the island.

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