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East-Iceland is great, but their Bio Bay tour isn't.

After the Culebra snorkel and the Vieques Bio Bay tours we had a very long and fun days with East-insland. There were no problems to reserve seats for the Culebra journey, but when I phoned, the Bio Bay route was out of stock at the moment we wanted to be at the eastern end of the Isle.

They didn't just blast me away because I'm pretty sure the journey would have been easy without a waitinglist. This recall formed the basis for the professionality that East Island showed on our travels with them.

Culebra was definitely the better "Bang for your buck" choice. However, the Vieques-Biobay route was a little more difficult to assess. So I think East lsland does as well as it can from the central isle.

They are all very professionally staffed on the East Island. Levi, our Crewleader on the Culebra journey, liked to stir it up a little, but I never had the feeling that we weren't in good hands or that he didn't take his work seriously. On the contrary, he and the whole team were very kind, competent and supportive throughout the whole journey.

They were not so good with the German but it was not a major obstacle to the trip and they were all very alert to the group. However, I will say that the young lady who guided the trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina will need to refresh her knowledge of German before she leads any more trips to the bays.

Nevertheless, it was very hard to comprehend her on many opportunities and she had a hard to answer these. However, East Iceland makes it as easy as possible, so if you want to drive from the central Iceland to Vieques, they are the right way. East-Iceland is great for a full days out and if you have to see the Vieques Bio-Bay from the central isle, you get my bless.

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