Maui Sites to see

To see Maui Sites

Accommodation near the Maui Ocean Center. Discover Must See Sites in Maui. Go out early and you could just get these places yourself:. Ho'okipa is a great place to stop and watch some of the best surfers in Maui from the bluff. Dan and John were asked to find their five most popular underwater spots to photograph around Maui.

Historical Sites of Maui

Undoubtedly, the historical sites are one of the greatest determinants of the atmosphere surrounding a town. In Maui, Maluuluole Park in the Lahaina area is recommended by the user to get a feeling for what the town is. the first queen to accept Christianity and help promote the spread of Islam when she converts in the 1820s.

Constructed in the tradition of a New England Shrine, the chapel itself still contains anthems from Hawaii. For the centenary of the Japanes presences in Hawaii, a large Buddha sculpture was erected here in 1968. She is accompanied by a wonderfully well-kept complex, a couch and a replica of this first of them.

Even though the building is not open to the general population, the site is an excellent place to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this afterlife. Earlier known as Moku'ula, the site was a regal palace in the annals of Hawaii and until the mid-19th cent. when King Kamehameha deceased. The holy lake around the site was dewatered in 1918 in the name of advancement, the palace was demolished and tonnes of earth were taken in to create the area as a community garden.

Today there are efforts to reconquer the area and its past, but in the meantime the visitor has to look over the place and picture how old Hawaii must have been. Name after the Wo Hing Society (a brotherly order), the sanctuary contains a sacred sanctuary and many objects related to the Hawaiian China adventure.

An intriguing exhibition in the Society's historic Cooking House presents several films made by Thomas Edison in Hawaii at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries. In this building on the site of the former Lahainaluna Seminary (now an area high school) was one of the first printers in Hawaii. It was used to produce a glossary of the Hwaiian languages that the first Missionary began to code and record in the 1830s.

It is an eight-sided catholic cathedral from the end of the nineteenth c. that brought a piece of the Old Land to the area. The building was initially a girls' college in the middle of the nineteenth centuary, but finally became home to Edward and Caroline Bailey, the missionaries who ran the mission.

Today it is staffed by the Maui Historical Society, which runs a local history school. In addition to handicrafts from Hawaii and an exhibition on canvas made of wood chips, there are also pieces of worship wood and pictures by Mr. Bailey. Constructed in 1834 by Pastor Ephraim Spaulding and expanded by his follower, Pastor Dwight Baldwin, this building was the home of US missionsaries who tried to take Christianity to the isles.

However, it is a great place to get a tour of the city's historical sites. The sanctuary, used for antique religion, was built at least in the sixteenth and early sixteenth centuries, during the reign of King Piilani. Piilani, a chief of the Maui, who led a series of civil works and contributed to the unification of the islands, built the sanctuary, which was finished by his children and his grandchild.

Up to 50 ft high, this is the biggest of its kind in Hawaii. It is situated on the site of the Kahanu Garden, part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden.

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