How to get from Port Vila to Espiritu Santo

What is the best way to get to Espiritu Santo from Port Vila?

Vanuatu Air has domestic flights all over Vanuatu and is the easiest way to Espiritu Santo and Tanna. From the airport you have the possibility to take a bus or a taxi. A must-see for anyone who wants to learn about the wartime past of the South Pacific...

. is home to one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Pacific. Direct flights to Espiritu Santo. Espiritu holidays always have fresh fish on the menu, and it doesn't get much fresher than raw.

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Many of Santo has hardly undergone any change over the course of the ages, with many hundred ha of almost untouched jungles. Santo's main city, Luganville, was founded during the Second World War and was home to over 100,000 US Forces. As a Santo-born writer, James Michener was encouraged to create his classical stories about the South Pacific.

Much of the building in the island's only city, Luganville, are old Quonset cabins, with Marsden mattresses fencing that rust under thick, ornamental grapevines. Santo's natural beauties are second to none for travelers. Situated on the eastern shore of Santo, the new paved highway gives travelers the opportunity to find many of the best Santo experiences just a few paces from the city.

Jewellery-like islets just a few hundred meters from coconut-lined sandy beach on Champagne Beach. In the Leweton Culture Town you can experience some of the rarest North Vanuatu culture. We' ve selected the best Santo has to offer and have put together the best possible itinerary for you!

Just 10 min from Luganville lies the town of a set of combined islets in the Banks area ('North Vanuatu'). Welcome to the town, enjoy the strong dance of your local men to a dance of baskets in headdress made of coir nutshells. The Champaign is one of the few places where you can have the beaches all to yourself, snorkeling and see an abundance of corals, exotic fishing and maybe even a tortoise.

The Champagne Beaches has a crescent-shaped, sandy spot surrounded by palm trees. Fresh water sources gush into the sea at low tide and give it its name. A dense, jungle-covered chain of mountains of 1700 m above sea level line the lake, from which you will have a magnificent sea front on your way down the hills.

The 45-minute ride from Luganville to the sea offers views of the colorful sea, past jungle dropping down to the street, small towns, and more! The Matevulu Blu Hole enchants you on the way back from Champagne Strand. Only a few moments away from the highway there is a part of the ride on an deserted runway from the Second World War.

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