Kabara Island Fiji

Fiji Island Kabara

Village Udu, Kabara Island, Fiji. Maps of Fiji. This family lives in Udu on the island of Kabara in Fiji. Late Cenozoic volcanic rocks of the Lau Ridge, Fiji. #fijifantastic #sigatoka #naturalbeauty.

Fiji and Kabara Islands

Fiji is 338.76 km from Kabara Island. That is 210.49 mile and 182.79 sea-mile. This line on the chart shows the distances from Fiji to Kabara Island between two towns. When travelling between Fiji and Kabara Island by plane (at an hourly rate of 560 miles) it will take 0.38h.

The Discovery Lau Islands Cruise | The Tourism Fiji website

Explore a part of Fiji rarely seen by visitors - the Lau Group and Kadavu. Hoist the sails on your Lau Discover Crossing. Afterboarding, your tour guides will give you a detailed introduction and a welcome meal while you drive into a southern Australian sundown.

Discover a gorgeous sandy spot on the jagged south coast of Taveuni near Lavena, take an easier half-hour walk to a stunning cascade and freshwater swimming pools and savour a land based pick nick and a conversation with the local people. The northernmost island of Lau-Wailagilala. You can see the remnants of a decommissioned light house or go angling and discover the rich snorkeling game.

Tanuabalavu is the biggest island of the Lau. In Lomaloma you will meet Ma'afu, the Tongan prince, be amused by this mostly Tongan society and discover the untouched water. Today the boat has an early departure to sail past the islands of Mago, Tavuca and Lakeba to the island of Fulaga, which is known for its crystalline lagoons and its astonishing coral.

Discover the Vuaqava archipelago and its main lagoon, famous for its tortoises, serpents and astonishing birdwatch. It is a holy island for Fiji and there will be an island stroll to discover these relic. Attention: A good degree of physical condition is necessary, as the way back takes about 3 hrs and is hard to manage.

Let the locals of the village of Naikeleyaga on Kabara Island welcome and amuse you. They are known for their wooden spinning and their Tongan legacy. Sevusevu & Louvo is a very different kind of Meke, Sevusevu & Loving than tradition. Today our goal is the horseshoe-shaped island Totoya. You will be amused by the ceramists of a village, who will show you some of their crafts.

The southernmost island in Fiji, Kadavu has an astonishing variety of coral and fishing that is not found in other parts of Fiji. QURIFICATIONS All qualified scuba diver must have an Open Water Dive Certificate. When you have not yet been diving before taking the chance to take your PADI Open Water course, please note that you may need a doctor's permit.

In order to spare you learning on your trip, it is strongly advised to attend the educational part of the course before embarking on-line at www.padi. com/elearning-scuba-registration with Capt. Cook Creises Fiji as a school. Divesites depend on cruising and weather condition. In general, two logged sessions per night are possible and are done by smaller vessels to reach some of Fiji's fantastic diving spots.

Averages 40 min. and most of our diving is for part-time or casual use. If you are diving on the shore of a tropic island for the first reef diving, you will explore the stunning fringe corals. Diving is conducted according to meteorological condition and route.

You can rent complete diving gear for an surcharge. If you wish, you can take your own diving gear with you at no surcharge.

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