Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

Alasantis Paradise Island Bahamas

Discover everything you can do in Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas and experience an unforgettable trip. Cruise all the major waterways on Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas! Paradise Island Atlantis in the Bahamas is a tropical paradise for all ages, bringing to life the myth and legend of the lost city of Atlantis. Find out what is included (and not included) in the nightly rates of Atlantis, Paradise Island and other travel tips. Newest tweets from Atlantis Bahamas (@atlantisbahamas).

Paradise Island of Atlantis

Regards from your Atlantis mates... You can pay with all common bank accounts on your itinerary. Your order will be debited according to your bank transfer. For cancelling or changing your Atlantis booking confirmation please call us directly at 1-888-526-0386 or +1-954-809-2100, where our dedicated Atlantis agents will be happy to help you.

Inform all your bank (ATM and credit card) that you will travel to the Bahamas and the details you will travel to before you depart to secure your money. Ask your bank if your ATM or credit or debit cards are restricted on a day-to-day basis when abroad.

Make sure you know your debit or debit card ID so you can get your cash in your cash machines around the world. Arrival and departure, early or later in Atlantis: Check-in at Atlantis is 4 pm and check-out is at 11 am. At Atlantis we offer free use of our In-Transit Hospitality Lounges, which allow early arrival (before 4pm check-in) or later departure (after 11am checkout time) visitors to take a bath, switch and keep small belongings while still enjoying the resort's comforts.

The Hospitality Cavern for The Beach and The Coral is situated on the beach, in the Seagrapes Tunnel. Reef Atlantis and The Cove Atlantis have their own in-transit lounge on the first floor near theelevator. Are Atlantis an all-inclusive-resorts? We are not an all-inclusive resource; we are a full-service resource.

Atlantis Aquapark offers full acces to all functions at no extra charge. Includes 11 bathing areas, 11 waterslides, two Lazy River Rides, our sheltered Paradise Lagoon, The Dig, the Predator's Lagoon, all our naval habitat and the seashore. Atlantis' other Atlantis facilities, such as the Mandara Spa, the Comedy Club and our Business Center, are available for a small surcharge.

The schedules differ and provide choices for each guest according to where they want to eat and where they are located. For more information, please refer to our menus. How is the Bahamas in terms of weathers? This is Atlantis weather: In the Bahamas, the subtropical climatic conditions.

There are two main periods of the year on the islands: Atlantis, Paradise Island Hoirricane Guarantee makes sure you can buy your holiday with trust. If the National hurricane Center of the United States issues a storm surveillance or alert to your destination or New Providence, the Bahamas, within fourteen (14) day of your date of arrivals, visitors with validated bookings may reverse their booking until the time of depart.

Then you have the possibility to change your holiday without penalty for a holiday within one (1) year after the initial date of your departure. Cash machines are in the casino and can be used with your card. A processing fee will be charged. May I use my payment card on the premises?

Inform all your bank (ATM and credit card) that you will travel to the Bahamas and the details you will travel to before you depart to secure your money. Ask your bank if your ATM or credit or debit cards are restricted on a day-to-day basis when abroad.

Make sure you know your debit or debit card ID so you can get your cash in your cash machines around the globe. Which are the ages limits for Atlantis? As we open Atlantis to the outside wide, there are a few strict rules of aging. Atlantis is at least this age:

To be used at check-in, this customer must have a valid debit cardholder in their own name. Has Atlantis got car park for our hotels customers? Is Atlantis allowed for domesticating? There are no allowed any kind of domestic pet in Atlantis. Only the only exception are registred domestic dogs such as working dogs. In order to registrate your pet, call the Visitor Services at 242-363-3000.

There a grocery in Atlantis? There is a finite choice of foods available at Atlantis Sundry Shops, for a larger choice there is a grocery just a few blocks away from the resortc. Even though mains running waters are safe to consume, they are a valuable resource in the Bahamas. What is the best way to get in touch with a visitor in Atlantis?

I' m callin' the people of Atlantis: You can call Atlantis directly at 242-363-3000. Due to the huge number of incoming facsimiles every day, we suggest that you call people first. Atlantis guests' faxes: In order to make sure that the facsimile arrives at your address, enter the guest's address information on the front page. Please provide the name of the booking, the date of your stay, the date of your stay, the number of the room and the number of the room.

Telephone your representative and tell them that the message has been sent. Atlantis Travelers enamelling: It is not possible to forward e-mails to the guest of the hotels. Visitors can access their emails in our archive while in Atlantis. Does my mobile work with Atlantis? Atlantis mobile phones Use Atlantis To find out about your global opportunities, please consult your mobile operator.

A Batelco maintained mobile telephone can be rented upon your arrivals at the Atlantis Business Center. Is Atlantis offering a waiting list? Due to the high level of interest in Atlantis accommodation, we cannot provide a waiting list of people. Atlantis Guestrooms have a max. capacity of four people.

Do you have rooms for the disabled? Nearly entirely handicapped access, we try to make the best for all our Atlantis visitors. In case you are interested in reserving a room with specific needs, please call us at 242-363-3000 so that we can check room availabilities and book in time.

Atlanti's features: Atlantis offers accessibility for wheelchairs with minimum navigational effort. There are handicapped rooms with security hangers, sunken washbasins and many provide roll-in shower facilities. Rates, benefits and disability availabilities, option s/rooms are subject to alteration without prior notification. There is no waiting list management so it is up to you to contact us.

If you have been approved by a non-Atlantis firm, call them to apply for an upgradation. When Atlantis confirms you, call us directly at 800-285-2684 or 954-809-2100 to ask for an update. Do the rooms have a webshop?

Services are available in the Beach and Coral Lobbies, Plato's Lounge in the Royal Lobbies and Harborside. There are two ways for guests who choose to connect to the web in their rooms. Atlantis is not responsible for any changes in price, functionality, options and availabilities of Atlantis IMS.

What is the best way to buy and verify credit on a greeting or present credit cardhold? The Atlantis Cards can be used for playing games, eating and more! E-mail [E-mail protected] for Atlantis Giftcard Credits & Giftcard Enquiries. Do you have a washing facility in Atlantis? Full washing and dry-cleaning facilities are available.

Our services are available every single working day except Sundays. The Atlantis Mediclinic in The Beach is open every night from 7:00 am to noon. Is Atlantis offering a nanny services? This means that the caretaker comes to your room and is seated, but may not take the child/children out of the room unless they are escorted by their parents/parents.

Our baby carers are CPR accredited and have a childcare education, as well as Atlantis Safety and Health certification. He or she will bring a consent sheet which must be filled in before the worship ceremony. All pricing, services, limitations and availabilities of the sellers are subject at all times without advance notification.

Or you can call our guests service at 242-363-3000. Inquire about the service at the hotels you were staying at. Please see the detailed delivery details below when sending your letter or parcel to Atlantis. Does one of your restaurant provide a children's meal?

The Bahamian Club, Casa D'Angelo, Chop Stix, Seafire Steakhouse, Mosaik, Poseidon's Table, Frankie Gone Bananas, The Point Restaurant, Virgil's Real BBQ, Murray's Delicatessen, Lagoon Grill et Carmine's accueillent tous les enfants. Is Atlantis offering a more koshy meal? Our clients can take their own cooked food with them. Please contact room service 7 nights before your stay.

When you arrive in Atlantis, a culinary guide will pick you up to arrange for your belongings to be stored. Charges for service: Suites: $15 each heating rate plus room maintenance & 15% tip. The Atlantis company provided cosher meals: Atlantis offers a number of Webermans iced cosher starters for breakfasts, lunches or dinners for those who do not wish to take their own cosheres with them.

Charges for service: IMPORTANT: All rates, charges, services, option, menus and programmes related to eating kokher can be changed at any time without forewarning. Before you arrive, you must call room maintenance at 242-363-3000 with all food related information and your specific needs. If you are travelling to Atlantis, please validate your flight to Nassau International Airport.

The majority of large carriers provide either non-stop or connection to NAS for global services. Follow these easy instructions to get the most out of your card (s) while travelling to the Bahamas: Inform all your bank (ATM and debit card) that you will travel to the Bahamas and the details you will be travelling to before you depart to secure your money.

Ask your bank if your ATM or your bank account is restricted in terms of your day-to-day expenses or withdrawals abroad. Make sure you know your debit or debit code or your debit and debit badge so you can get your cash in your cash machines around the world. With Atlantis Vacation Packages, your itinerary may contain objects such as transport or trips that need a voucher.

This voucher will be sent in a PDF file and included with your email as soon as the remaining amount of the itinerary has been fully funded. Coupons must then be issued, stamped, signed and presented to each supplier for the services provided. Services may not be provided if no coupons are presented.

Traveller's coupons are only available for the person mentioned in the itinerary. You will not get a voucher for your itinerary if you just make the reservation. Will I need special documents and immunizations before my visit to the Bahamas?

Vaccinations are required 10 nights before entry to the Bahamas. Additional characteristics are the costs for loss, damage or delay of luggage, health costs in case of accidents or illness, urgent health evacuation, global customer support for travellers and deaths. Since you are travelling to another state, you must prove your nationality.

At the moment of reservation, all our clients must indicate the full name and age of the family. At Nassau International Airport there are also taxi services available to take you to Atlantis. Will Atlantis provide a shuttleservice within the resort? Free bus shuttles between The Reef, The Cove, The Royal, Harborside Resort, The Coral, The Beach, Ocean Club and the Ocean Club golf course every 30 mins.

May I take a trip to Atlantis by canoe? Travels to Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas: BEST choice for Atlantis trips is the carrier. Consult your local pro for further details, as well as how to get there by ferry. There are no referrals for cruises to the Bahamas. From Freeport, how do I get to Atlantis?

Fly to Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas: Nassao International Airport - (NAS), serving Nassau and Paradise Island. Situated on Grand Bahama Island, 150 leagues from Atlantis. There is no transport between the island.

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