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bannana tree

Banyan leaves are large, leathery, glossy, green and elliptic. The Banyan Tree is a characteristic blend of the romance of travel with a green conscience. Its name is based on a tree that is famous in South Asia. The luxurious Banyan Tree Macau is part of the Galaxy Macau Resort Complex in Cotai City and is the first urban high-rise resort in Macau. The Banyan Tree Seychelles are located in the former home of Pink Panther actor Peter Sellers and Beatles star George Harrison.

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The Banyan Tree Holdings Limited is an internationally operating hotel group, managing and developing residential properties, hotel and wellness facilities in Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East. From 2014 there will be 36 residential and hotel complexes. It' s been 20 years since the first Banyan Tree Estate opened in Phuket. Group has 3 makes, Banyan Tree, an all mansion approach that has done pioneering work for swimming pools and outdoor tropic pools.

The Banyan Tree began when founders Ho Kwon Ping and his family Claire Chiang came across a property in Bang Tao Bay, on the west shore of Phuket in the Andaman Sea, and thought it would be an excellent place for a resorta. The first Banyan Tree Phuket complex was constructed ten years later, in 1994.

The Banyan Tree Global Fund was established in 2009 as part of Banyan Tree Holdings Limited. Acting as the group's poor body of CR, the Arts Council promotes socially, ecologically and economically well[1] Projects within the Arts Council include Greening Communities,[2] Seedlings,[3] and Earth Day.

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The Banyan Tree is a characteristic mixture of the romanticism of travelling with a verdant conscious. The Shrine of Banyan Tree offers a place to tapenerize the spirit, bodies and souls in breathtaking places around the world. Go on a trip to icons where you will find unforgettable and unforgettable adventures. Banyan Tree is at its core an inspiration, even an ideals that inspire life.

It is devoted to the support of community and enjoys the guest with its close ties to a feeling of place, agelessness, unity and integrit. Indulge in the luxuries of communicating with your beloved ones, with unforgettable and genuine adventures in breathtaking locations around the world. Special events are Destination Dining - a two person personal dining in a wonderful place at our resort, on the shore, on the cliff, on a sandbar or on a cruise and In-Villa Moments - an in-villa setup for a relaxing evening.

You' ll be spoiled for choices for these unforgettable occasions, with breathtaking wedding receptions, a variety of food and leisure activities, couples' spas and large privately owned mansions to retire to after your event. The Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort is the ideal place for your holiday or party.

Banyan Tree offers a feeling of a place that tells a real history of the place and its inhabitants, woven into the structure and layout of each individual piece of real estate. Marvel at the resort's distinctive designer architectural style, which mirrors the real heart of the travel destinations, savour the delights of the area, take part in a traditional culture event and benefit from the hot and authentic services of our Banyan Tree hosts.

Bring home an article from the Banyan Tree Gallery. We have roomy mansions and suite, often with ensuite swimming pool, offering discreet luxuries, intimacy and a rest from the outside environment. Indulge yourself in the prestigious and award-winning Banyan Tree Spa, which follows a non-clinical and integrated concept founded on ancient Asiatic methods of treatment that have been handed down from generation to generation.

Surrounded by luxuriant exotic landscaped areas and a quiet Laguna, our flag ship resorts bring you near the pristine Phuket area. Soak up the sunny oceanfront, blue water and gold sundowns, take a quiet break in your magnificent Thai style swimming poolside or indulge yourself in her famous outdoor tropic-pa.

Situated near Lijiang's most fascinating sights, among them Dayan Old Town - a UNESCO site - and Tiger Leaping Gorge. Encircled by a unparalleled ecosystem of sand dune, mangrove, low forest and core corals, the Riviera Maya offers immaculate cuisine. Discover mythical ruined Maya, subterranean sources and the world's second biggest reindeer sanctuary before retiring to your own swimming pools mansion with stunning Caribbean coast overlooks.

Situated in the vibrant Shanghai metropolitan area, the resort has some of the most roomy and contemporary accommodations in the town. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the legendary Bund esplanade and the Huangpu River with our relaxing swimming pools in your room, the award-winning spas or special drinks at the roof-garden.

Overlooking the Indian Ocean, this rocky retreat features Balinese style quiet mansions, each with its own en-suite inflinity swimming pools and luxuriant landscaped areas. Discover Bali's culture in Ubud, observe a fascinating Kecak dancing in Uluwatu Temple or eat a delicious meal in the award-winning Ju Ma Na Restuuran.

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