Well known for providing a quiet haven for tempo and scene changes. Gozo hotels, mt online. Discover Gozo holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. For such a small island Gozo offers a variety of experiences and attractions. The official website of the Gozo Tourist Board.

Island Gozo - Island Gozo

Well known for providing a quiet haven for speed and scenery changes. Malta is an island that is immediately recognisable as its twin islands, more green, more rustic and smaller, with a rhythm of living determined by the season, fisheries and agronomy. Gozo is considered the mythical Calypso Island of Homer's Ulysses - a quiet, mystic hinterland.

Gozo's jagged scenery and stunning coastlines are waiting for you with some of the best diving spots in the Mediterranean. It also offers historic places, fortresses and stunning views, as well as one of the best conserved ancient temple in the islands, ?gantija It also has its own night life and culture calendars, with some great restaurants.

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Going to see Gozo? One of the best scuba sites in the Mediterranean with a wide variety of land and sea based scuba fishing. Recreational areas, caverns, wrecks and tunnelling make every single one of your scuba sessions an experience to remember. Farms and characteristic cottages are a great way for tourists to spend the night in Gozo. This is the perfect choice for the family and anyone looking for their own home, with buildings from refurbished, centuries-old villas to contemporary, classic styles and from luxurious to basic but luxurious buildings.

Rittertürmen to mythic caverns, small chappels to the lofty citadel of Gozo, 19th cent. acqueducts to ancient mounds and canyons... Gozo has many attractions to offer.

Gozo: Why you should go to Malta's sister islands for a vacation with the other families?

If you are looking for an easier holiday on an isolated and sunny place near home, the Balearic archipelago, the Canary Isles and the Hellenic Isles come to you. Our family's goal for the half-time interval in October was Malta and its twin Gozo Isle. For more than 150 years Malta was part of the British Empire, so we knew a little about riding on the crest of road.

However, would Malta be like Gibraltar, or rather like Greece and Cyprus, or perhaps its neighbor Sicily - only 60 leagues northwards? And, like his neighbor in Italy, he has a cultural life around the temple and the home, many of whom come together to savour faba - a special ity of Malta between pizzas and pita bread.

Most of our stay was on Gozo. Usually the archipelago is luxuriant after a warm summers, but there was little evidence of weed when we went to see it - uncommon enough for the natives to tell us how they wished for the rains. Ta' Philip in Ghajnsielem, near the ferry port of Malta, was our favorite place to eat on Gozo.

There is a touch of local food with a touch of lebanesian and northern Africa on both of them; the Malta food is Fennek, a traditional homemade meat of rabbits, and there is also Imquaret, an Arabic biscuit stuffed with date and herbs. At Ta' Philip we had a tasty luncheon, with a melted young kid that was fried in a wooden fire.

For example, we went to a farmyard to see how the owner Rikardu made the hardy goat cheeses we had enjoyed in his Ta' Rikardu in the capital Victoria. It is much calmer than Malta and small enough to ride in one go. Whilst we were completely satisfied on Gozo, the journey to Malta is only 25-minute.

There was also a cruise around the port in a time-honoured "dghajsa" - an elaborate rowboat that reminds of a cable car - a great way to explore the town from the stern. Gozo means "joy" - and as such an outstanding, approachable goal for the family, I would not contradict it.

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