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Ios Greece Travel & Tourism website to find out where to stay, what you can do, hotels and accommodation for your holiday on the Greek island of Ios. You can find hotels on Ios, gr online. "The most amazing boutique hotel on the island of Ios. Ios, or Nios (as the locals call it) is a very beautiful and picturesque Greek island with excellent sandy beaches and hundreds of chapels. Greece is the best party island in summer, but has much more to offer.

Do you need to go out of time?

However, when it turned out that the Greek mansion I had offered on the spur of the moment at a travelling sale, which I won, was in one of the best parties in the land, I could not help but get a few worrisome fish glass reviews. Situated in the bluish Aegean Sea, Ios is one of the Cyclades Islands and only 30 minutes by boat from Santorini.

It is a hedonic meeting place for backpack tourists of the 18-30s during the summers. Here you celebrate all evening and spend the whole morning sleeping on the shore. Chora has about 30 small capital cities where you can shoot for a free T-shirt (or while being beaten over your head) and dancing until the sundown.

The house on Ios for this weekend was the mansion On the Rocks, which lies on the front of a hillside with a view of the harbour on one side and over the Aegean to Santonini on the other. This was an incredibly tranquil place where you could only listen to the moaning of flocks of goat bell and goat bell graze around the mansion (and sometimes pinch into the garden when they thought no one was looking).

A small bay with clear water of turnquoise colour, so clear that you can see directly on the bottom of the sands. There is a tavern right on the shore, but in October it was shut for the summer and no one else was in the area.

It' like having your own personal sunbath. One could go to the tavern patio and picture what it was like in summers - full of food and drink. Approximately 15 min walking distance from the mansion is the largest city in Ios, Chora (although this is more a descriptive than a name - the term Chora means "capital" and you can find it everywhere on the Greek islands).

Chora Ios has a number of stores along a major street, and on the opposite side the old city extends into the mountains. In Ios everything is closed from 2 pm to 5 pm, so that on the way up through the old part of the city we could only see the many remaining island kittens - looking for leftovers of fodder or having a break in the shelter.

The city came to live again at 5 p.m., the storekeepers opened their blinds and the coffee shopers provided the seats for the evenings. A few stores and diners are open until October, but at this season you see more local than tourist.

Then we climbed to the top of the mound, where there are four small little whitewashed curches. The highest chapel in Chora is Ios' highest point of sundown, where you can see minute harbour vessels in one way and Chora's whitish earth with bluish cupolas in the other one.

Sunshine made the church shine before it came out of sight behind the Sikinos. Just behind Chora lies Mylopotas Strand, a 1.5 km long sandy gold sandy spot, which is the most frequented in Ios. But in October I had less than 10 persons along the whole length.

A cafe at the other end of the shore had remained open and we paused for dinner, along with a mixture of off-season guests, local people and expatriates who wanted to get off the island before overwinter. Once we got used to having the island almost for ourselves, it was difficult to imagine what it would have been like in the midsummer.

And when the roads of Chora were full of crowded crowds in time with the sounds of the local bar and its small alleys.

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